Team Davis & Franco trade punches as Bayonne 3rd Ward council hopeful drops 1st campaign ad


Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis’ campaign and 3rd Ward council candidate traded punches today after the latter dropped his first campaign ad of the season.

“Over the years, Mayor Davis has suffered from selective memory. He struggled to remember what developer or corporation donated to him, whether he knew about the Turnpike’s intention with Marist and even what sleazy text messages he sent to a female subordinate,” Franco said in a statement.

“Therefore, I’m not surprised that he struggles to get my record right. I hope this video helps jog his memory.”

Franco references a gaffe last week where Davis said he never took money from Suez Water when he actually did, the ongoing controversy related to the Marist High School redevelopment, and an ongoing “sexting” lawsuit filed by a former employee.

Last week, Team Davis threw the first punch at Franco, who was convicted of having sex with a minor at a 2008 court-martial. since he helped produce a video for the “dark money group” the Citizens for Strength and Security Fund.

The Washington, D.C.-based super PAC has gone dark this year after hitting Davis with some regularity in October and November.

Campaign spokesman Phil Swibinski did not relent upon being informed about the new 45-second video ad that talks about Franco’s battles with Skanska and Duramix, Inc., who illegally drew water from a hydrant without a meter in 2016 and 2017, respectively.

“Peter Franco just made it even more clear that he’s only in this race to be Sharon Nadrowski’s attack dog and lie about Mayor Davis on her behalf,” Swibinski said today.

“The fact that Nadrowski continues to accept this kind of support from Franco despite his documented history of forcing sex on a child is outrageous, and it should tell Bayonne voters everything they need to know about her.”

In the 3rd Ward, Franco is running independently and drew number 1 today, with Davis running mate Councilman Gary La Pelusa getting the second spot, and Ashe-Nadrowski ally Maria Valado, also the board of education president, receiving the third and final spot on the ballot.

Franco also noted that a shortened 30 second ad is scheduled to run on 98.7 FM next weekend into election day.

The non-partisan Bayonne municipal elections are on May 10th.

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