Teacher charged with 2 sexual assaults faces 2nd lawsuit alleging he violated Union City student


A former teacher at Union City High School (then Union Hill) already facing charges for two separate sexual assaults is now being accused of violating another student in 2004 in a lawsuit that was filed earlier this month, the second making allegations of this nature.

Inset photo of Francisco Realpe courtesy of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

The 17-page lawsuit was filed in Hudson County Superior Court on July 8th and the plaintiff, identified only as Jane Doe, alleges that Francisco Realpe – a gym teacher at Union City High School – would routinely have flirtatious and sexually explicit conversations with female students.

In the spring semester of 2004, Doe asserts that Realpe was a chaperone for “Polls Night,” when students voted to award their peers different titles, before he met her in the boys locker room and sexually assaulted her.

“Upon entering the locker room, Francisco Realpe pushed her against the lockers, pulled her dress up, and vaginally penetrated her with his penis while she cried,” the suit claims.

“After ejaculating, Francisco Realpe instructed Jane Doe to make sure than [sic] no one saw her as she left the locker room.”

The seven-count lawsuit also names Union City High School, the Union City Board of Education, and Pivotal Developments, LLC, a business entity owned by Realpe.

The court filing further states the plaintiff endured assault and battery, is seeking to “pierce the corporate veil” so that Realpe’s financial obligations cannot be passed off to his LLC, was the victim of both negligence and gross negligence/recklessness from the school district, and was discriminated against due to her gender.

She is also seeking injunctive relief and punitive damages, as well as “costsĀ  of suit, reasonable counsel fees and such further relief as the court may deem just and appropriate.”

The other lawsuit filed against Realpe was filed by Jessica Garcia back in April, where she alleges that Realpe coerced her to have sex with him back in 2004, as HCV first reported.

Last year, Realpe was charged with the sexual assault of two different former students who were 17 years old at the time, one while he was employed by Dickinson High School and the other while he worked at Union Hill High School.

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