State Senator Nick Sacco talks state Senator Brian Stack, new police/fire bill


North Bergen Mayor/state Sen. Nick Sacco (D-32) spoke to Hudson County View about his relationship with Union City Mayor/state Sen. Brian Stack (D-33), as well as a new bill introduced in the Senate that would allow retired police or firemen to collect a pension and a salary if elected to office.


Stack, at one point a hated rival of Sacco, sung his neighboring mayor/state senator’s praises at Sacco’s re-election kickoff party at Shuetzen Park Monday night, a sight that raised eyebrows for politicos and average citizens alike.

“He and I have been working very closer together for quite a while now,” Sacco said of Stack. “We came to a realization: what did we gain fighting with one another? We ended up spending money, making both of our lives more miserable, and in the final analysis we’re both still standing here.”

Sacco also explained Senate bill No. 2789, which was sponsored by Sacco and Stack.

“The people made that decision: if they want a former police officer or fireman running for office, they expect him to run and get paid for maintaining that office,” calling it a “glitch in the law” that forced retired police or firemen to choose between their pension or a salary in the past.

Sacco added that the bill was not introduced solely for the benefit of Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis – who a assumed office in July and is a retired police captain.


  1. I recall back when Brian Stack and Sacco came together for the first Street Park in Union City /Jersey City border and I wrote a statement on HCTV to the effect that these two politicians together had more to offer the entire county then 4or 5 mayor’s combined.I also recall writng of the history whereby their knowledge of political intellect comes from.The entire point of my comments back then was that these two people should stop the shenanigans because they only hurt the public.It would be a great accomplishment for North Hudson towns having United Stack /Sacco .I do not have access to what I wrote back then but I wish somebody could pull it up, I think it was before Hudson County View…if I am correct.the combined political wisdom of these two people would need two volumes of books to fill…let us now see where they take us….

  2. Anyone and everyone knows that they hate each other. Both camps make fun of each other when they are not together. Sure they are getting along just fine.

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