Sources: Field Rep. for Congressman Sires to replace Caridad Rodriguez in WNY


Sources exclusively revealed to Hudson County View that Gabriel Rodriguez, a field representative for U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-8), will replace former West New York Commissioner Caridad Rodriguez (no relation) at the January 21 board of commissioners meeting. 


Caridad Rodriguez, who gave a tearful goodbye at the December 17 board of commissioners meeting, was sworn in as the District 7 Freeholder – which represents Guttenberg, Weehawken and West New York – at a ceremony at the Brennan Court House on Monday. 

“Gabriel Rodriguez is an incredible candidate whose had a great history in town working for Congressman Albio Sires and he is one of the individuals being considered for Mayor Roque’s re-election slate this year,” said town spokesman Pablo Fonseca, who did not confirm or deny that he would be appointed at the January 21 board of commissioners meeting.

Coincidentally, Caridad Rodriguez also worked for Sires, serving as his executive assistant, prior to being appointed as a West New York commissioner for the first time in 2006. 

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  1. If this becomes so, I think Mr. Rodriguez is an excellent candidate with an incredible history of working for his community. He is a product of West New York, a graduate of Memorial High School, educated with an MBA, hailing from an excellent hard working family;an exciting breadth of fresh air to an otherwise mundane and un-apologetically under qualified legislative body.

    • Let’s not get crazy with the incredible history of working with the community. No one has seen him unless congressman sires was in town. Call it what it is. It is the congressman keeping control of the little dictator roque, an roque playing nice with the big boys. Just like vega did getting his job at the tech school. The only thing in his ffavor is the fact that he grew up in wny and graduated from mhs, other than that it is the same old story. He will do exactly as he is told and report any insidde information back to the congressman as caridad has done for the last 4 years. We shall see if he can keep his family secrets in the closet, because I here there are plenty of them to be told. Stay tuned…….

  2. Jose Munoz where are you? Please help West NY rid the Corruption…….Please Run a campaign for Commissioner.

    West NY is in trouble and needs a change at once!!!!

    Jose Munoz for Mayor!!!!

  3. If Mr. Rodriguez is appointed to the position of Commissioner, he deserves a chance to serve the WNY community and become a future political leader.. Hopefully, he will independently evaluate and make decisions based on what benefits our residents and not political interest.
    Juan Espinal candidate for Mayor 2015…

    • There will be no independent evaluation of anything. Like deep throat stated above, he will follow his orders and do as he is told. None of these people can think for themselves, including Roque. Mr. Sires runs the show here and he will never let anyone forget it. Unfortunately that means dealing with his tyranny through Roque for four more years. It is no wonder people keep moving out of this town. The only way to stop any of this is to vote them out in may……..

  4. Why has it been Mr Rodriguez has been no where in WNY talking about the problems we face living here. Everyone is putting a label on this boot licker as a great guy and he will be great for WNY. Where has he been other than shinning Albio Sires Shoes? WNY is corrupt to the bone. Who is and where has Mr Rodriguez been in WNY last few years of Sacco/Roque corruption on me and our town residents???

    No I can’t drink the Cool-Aid on this.