Sheriff’s office joins national end of summer drunk driving crackdown


The Hudson County Sheriff’s Office has announced that they will be participating in the national end of summer “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign. 

Hudson County Sheriff's Office

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Beginning August 19 and running through September 5, county, local and state law enforcement officers will conduct sobriety checkpoints and roving patrols, looking for motorists who may be driving while impaired by alcohol or drugs.

“Our participation in the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign looks to curtail impaired driving during the busy summer travel season, including the Labor Day holiday period,” Sheriff Frank Schillari said in a statement.

“Even one drink can impair your judgment and reaction time, putting not only yourself, but everyone on the road, in danger. I will be adding extra patrols and a checkpoint as part of our enforcement efforts.”

Schillari added that the extra patrols are paid for via a grant from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, specifically designated toward the Drive Sober or Get Pulled campaign.

In 2014, alcohol-impaired fatalities accounted for 27 percent of New Jersey’s motor vehicle fatalities.

As part of the initiative, the Division of Highway Traffic Safety provides grants to local law enforcement agencies throughout the state to run the two-week campaign.

“Last year, 20% of the fatal crashes in Hudson County were alcohol related,” added Schillari.

The Hoboken Police Department announced earlier this week that they will also be participating in the initiative.

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    • Lol all you do is complain,, Jersey Journal, Hudson Reporter, and really any other outlet in the world does all these types of stories the same way. If you don’t like it I suggest you stop going to these types of sites and also strongly recommend you do something to get over your personal hatred of law enforcement.

      • Ever heard name a Abad? Volpe? Pantaleo? Exposing criminal cops called hatred. You must be one of those who jump when told by anyone with authority. Remember, social change only can happen by questioning authority. Otherwise we still would have had segregated busses.

        Bs,ing by mainstream media is no excuse, just because other do it too. When was the last time star ledger ran an investigative report of their own? 1987?

        There was reporter at Wednesday city council meeting. He was surfing the net instead of paying attention. Result is missing story of secret settlement of jc with cyclist tevin Henry for criminal assault by jc cops. Another missing story is Byrne violating rules by allowing lawyer for abatement petitioner (member of the public) acting as agent for fulop’s reps. Better yet, Byrne inserted th rejected abatement voting again at the end. That is fraud and should be a front page news.

        Am I asking too much from reporters?

        • The three cops you mentioned engaged in blatantly obvious misconduct. Complaining about every drug arrest of DWI patrol is nothing even remotely close to that. If that characterization of me was true, this website would not exist.

          My point was not that “everyone does it so it’s ok,” my point was if you don’t like it, keep it moving. Certain standards are followed across the board because that’s correct things to do things. Perhaps you prefer Patch, NBC, ABC, FOX, etc. But I doubt it, seems like you just write off every media outlet and their reporters as lazy and inept. Oh yea, and The Star-Ledger has just 4 reporters at this point last time I checked, only one of which does something other than editorials. basically runs the show across the state now.

          Finally, I can’t speak for what another reporter was doing at a meeting I was not at, but honestly I’ve never heard of the guy and there isn’t one media report about it. The settlement was for $14,500, not exactly a fortune. That said, we will look into it. It’s not about asking too much, I actually enjoy your commentary on the non-police stories. But to proclaim every action by every police office as nefarious, wrong, corrupt, etc. is totally misleading and inaccurate at best.

  1. De facto admission of jcpd to a criminal assault on a cyclist should be front page local news, followed by set or opra requests to expose criminals by name. Where is it? Media whores are lazy and self censoring. Times of watergate type investigations are gone. Abc news trucks have nypd license plates now, if you have doubts who their masters are.

    • I’d only call it a de facto admission of criminal assault if it was a massive amount of money. But that doesn’t matter, that’s a difference of opinion, bottom line is you proved you’re an internet troll and that’s it. I went out of my way to address everything you said and you could not give me the same courtesy. I still want to know why the hypocrisy: why keep reading sites like this one if they supposedly suck? You couldn’t make any less sense.