Scarinci: WNY authorized $100k for buses, Fauta: Buses cost up to $700k


West New York approved a $100,000 shared services agreement with the board of education in order to provide another bus route for students that have been transferred from Harry L. Bain Elementary School to St. Joseph of the Palisades (5401 Broadway). However, Superintendent of Schools John Fauta said that isn’t nearly enough money to provide buses to all the students in need. 

Responding to a parents request for an update on the situation, Town Counsel Donald Scarinci explained that the board has just effectively allocated $100,000 to the board of ed since “the municipality has to do something, even if the school board superintendent chooses to do nothing. ”

He also noted that Fauta planned to keep students in a “wraparound program,” in which the $100,000 would go towards after- school programs for students, which would allow parents to pick them up in the evening hours.

Fauta said that based on preliminary research conducted by the BOE, paying for buses, drivers and liability insurance for each vehicle could run a bill anywhere between $400,000 to $700,000.

While he did not mention the employee by name, Fauta also said “the town attorney” committed an ethics violation by contacting members of his staff on the bus issue without his consent.

Finally, Fauta revealed that a shared services agreement between the town and the BOE that provides busing for the waterfront cost about $16,000 last year – which the town is yet to reimburse the board of education for.

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  1. Typical of this administration and the people running it right now. A lot of political maneuvering to be used for the future election (s).You do not play with the children of our future like this, as political footballs. Come up with the money that’s necessary or don’t, but stop this game. $100,000?How much does your Bentley cost Mayor? How many of you out of town appointees (well over six figure salaries) and a few of you commissioners drive Mercedes Benz 500 series and above?ALL OF YOU,THE CARS YOU DRIVE YOUR CHILDREN TO SCHOOL WITH ARE WORTH WELL OVER $100,000!!!!!.Roque> $275,000-$325,000.
    Show us you care more about the children of this town, than the vehicle you drive!

  2. Fauta you are stumbling over your own lies…You told the town that you did a survey and that only like 60 parents want busing and more want the wrap around program but in this interview you say over 400 parents need busing…which one is it John???Stop the bullsh!t with the kids and using them as pawns in your political fiasco…$100,000 will cover a bus and a driver for 2 school years.Its simple math…semi-new bus $40,000,part time driver for 9month(approx. school year)$20,000,insurance $5,000 a year,gas $4,000 a year…wow that still leaves money to throw these kids a party and a summer trip…we are not trying to send these kids to the moon its only 12 blocks,this is not rocket science…One bus can take 55 kids at a time,john said only 60 parents needed busing,shoot thats one trip but even if 400 needed busing,thats 8 trips,within one hour all kids would be transported…its not super complicated but Fauta is playing politics to get a new contract…SHAME SHAME SHAME.Alot others are using this important kids issue as political walfare againg shame shame shame….WNY needs a real superintendent with experience and love for the kids not the ex flower shop owner from around the block…John may be a nice guy but he is completely wrong as the superintendent of schools.This guy even refused to help the babe ruth baseball team to o to troy Ny to play in the playoff,during the summer,he said it wasnt allowed and that he couldnt but one phone call to Mayor Sacco of NB,who was on vacation on some island and within one hr he got WNY a bus with a full tank of diesel for free at 11pm so that the most important people,the kids could go on a much earned playoff trip…John I see through you….Stop playing with the kids safety,if something happens to one kid it will be on your hands….Hope you could live with that…God Bless…

    • Mr. Ferrero, it is you who can’t do the math. You claim to be for the kids, but it has always been your self interests you were concerned with. Before this issue became a political football, there were only a handful of parents requesting transportation, and that was because they were unwilling to drop their children off at a day care closer to the school and the day care refused to take or pick up those children. What you fail to realize is that once the bussing is offered it must be offered to all of the students affected. There have been over 400 students now requesting this transportation. The district does need to abide by state regulations when bussing students, so while you simplify things for your own benefit, it is much more complex an issue. You have a reputation for doing research and u applaud you for that, but in this case you are way off base. The transporting of these children correctly and legally will cost well beyond the money alloted by the town. They are the ones who made the commitment to pay for the transportation. The statement was clear. Now they need to put there money were their mouth is. Never once have they mentioned the other shared agreements where the district allows use of facilities and space in buildings for the town at the cost of 1 dollar per year all while the BOE maintains the properties and cleans them and secures them. All I ask is that everyone here is not hypocritical when they speak. We should be sharing the cost for the kids. It’s a two way street and all of you have made it about politics. You don’t want to remove that curtain it’s ugly behind there.

  3. tony with your logic lets call obama and if he doesn’t give money out of his pocket then he doesn’t care about the kids…instead of being bitter and resentful that roque and wiley have nice cars (maybe because they are doctors and went to school hmmm….) why don’t you set up a foundation and donate for the busing? oh well that would be to much work on your end now wouldn’t it?? instead of playing politics tony why don’t you do something… all talk NO ACTION

  4. Attacked and insulted for stating my opinion,then I am directed to do the job of the people who are elected officials that represent me..It is transparent who and where these comments come from against me as if I were a candidate myself.Might as well run and represent the people in a proper manner and do the job that these people neglect to do, in the first place.I will never respond to these anonymous insults and ignorant comments again. At least you know my name.IT IS OBVIOUS YOU DO NOT KNOW ME.