Rick Solares denies Commissioner Count Wiley’s electioneering allegations


Rick Solares, the West New York Board of Education’s head of maintenance, took the podium at the town board of commissioners meeting yesterday to deny allegations put forth by mayoral hopeful/Commissioner Count Wiley  that said he strong-armed teachers into signing petitions for Mayor Felix Roque’s re-election team. 


“Mr. Wiley, I have not sinned against you or anyone else,” Solares told Wiley during the public portion of the meeting. “And you have certainly not won me over sir. I have no sin to confess.”

“Ladies and gentleman, I am not guilty of what I am being accused of.”

Towards the tail end of his speech, Solares said he never thought he would support Roque or his administration, but he recommended that Wiley “join that team and move West New York forward.”

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  1. LOL !!! I would love do to a video montage of this guy and the JIMMY SWAGGART confession of ” Father Forgive Me For I have Sinned Against You ” cutting back and forth. That would be hilarious. It takes one to know one Ricky !

  2. Total P.O.S Ricky Still licks Vegas shoes as he now kisses Roque’s Ass. But Ricky get’s paid very very well year after year. Must be doing a good JOB….Blowing wind??