Rescue Rebuild and Hartz Mountain team up to build new Liberty Humane Society cattery


Rescue Rebuild, an animal shelter renovation program of, and the Hartz Mountain Corporation have teamed up to build a new cattery for the Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City.

“This project is a really important part of the shelter because the cats are always gonna benefit from getting out of the cages and just having a more stress free environment,” Rescue Rebuild Director of Animal Shelter Projects Zach Baker said in an interview.

“So our goal here is create spaces where cats can relax, be themselves and can really enjoy their time here while they wait for their forever homes.”

The team of volunteers, which included dozens of people from both Hartz and Rescue Rebuild, are working on making five cat rooms, also known as a cattery, on the second floor of the shelter.

Baker added that he is proud to team with LHS on the initiative, further stating “we’ve seen them overcome a lot of their business challenges and they do great work for the animals in their communities and we wanted to be a part of that.”

Rescue Rebuild is a part of the non-profit organization that participates in a number of good faith efforts such as building wildlife sanctuaries, domestic violence shelters and homeless shelters.

Additionally, Stacy Kisla, the marketing director for Hartz, said that this is the second of their Loving Paws giveback initiatives, with their first one taking place in New Orleans and a an Ohio endeavor scheduled for September.

She also said that Hartz has always done what they can to make a positive impact on the animal welfare community.

“Hartz has been donating products to shelters for years, but we wanted to do more and increase our impact, make it a better impact on the pet community, besides just donating products,” Kisla began.

“So we partnered with rescue rebuild to improve the shelter’s appearance … in order to increase adoption rates: it’s really important for us to help find more pets loving homes.”

According to LHS, the new cat space project was designed by New York Times best-selling author Kate Benjamin, the owner of

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