Report: Jersey City prosecutor caught picking up dry cleaning on ‘official business’


A part-time Jersey City prosecutor was recently caught using his car placard that said he was on “official business” while picking up his dry cleaning in his hometown of Metuchen, and as a result, will face disciplinary action from the city – according to a report from NJ Advanced Media. 

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Donovan Bezer, the prosecutor in question, addressed the situation when speaking with NJAM:

“You could find it a little bit obnoxious, with the plaque. If you were to say that, I’d say, you know what, I agree with you. It’s not my choice to put up the plaque,” Bezer is quoted as saying, who was also parked illegally at when a picture of his car was taken.

He later added that he has received parking tickets at times when his placard was displayed in the car window.

Additionally, Jersey City spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill told NJAM that Bezer will be disciplined for the incident, though she did not go into the particulars as to what the discipline will be.


  1. Not your choice? Your told you must use it for personal business? Nothing new. Cops and firefighters have license plates that identify that they are cops and firefighters and get special treatment.

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