Poll: Do you care that CarePoint’s Garipalli gave $1M to Fulop-linked super PAC


Does it matter to you that CarePoint Health Co-Founder Vivek Garipalli donated $1 million to a super PAC connected to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop’s expected gubernatorial run next year?Fulop-Garipalli


According to a filing made with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on Friday, Garipalli, also the co-founder of the International Sleep Network and Clover Health, has now put his name on a $1 million donation made to Coalition for Progress.

“We are updating our report to change the identification of a contributor from DE First Holdings to Vivek Garipalli,” Coalition for Progress President Bari J. Mattes said in an emailed statement, not answering any follow-up questions.

The donation was made on December 24, 2015 and was initially attributed to DE First Holdings, a Wilmington, D.E. based company that had essentially no other identifying details.

The entity was formed just one day before the donation was given, drawing the ire of good government watchdog groups.

At the least, Fulop is expected to face off with former U.S. ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy and state Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) in the 2017 June Democratic gubernatorial primary.

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  1. Does anyone care about the millions that will be donated to Chris Christie’s Republicrat sidekick Steve Sweeney? The construction unions can’t wait to see Sweeney and Christie whack us with a whopping 23 cents per gallon gas tax so that Sweeney can feed them billions of dollars in road construction contracts.