Police: West New York man arrested for threatening to blow up police station


A West New York man was arrested on Friday night after making six phone calls to the town police department threatening to blow up their headquarters, officials said. West New York Police Station

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Hector Malave, 51, of West New York, was charged with contempt of court, two counts of false public alarms, two counts of terroristic threats and making false reports to police, according to town spokeswoman Pilar Montero.

Friday, September 24, the West New York Police Department received six phone calls, between 6:28 p.m. and 7:24 p.m., from the same male caller, using the same phone number, in which threats were made to the blow up the headquarters at 428 60th Street, Montero said in a news release.

At one point, the caller claimed that a bomb had been planted in the station and also made a false call about an officer being shot, officials said.

An investigation traced the location of the phone and who it was registered to. At this time, it was determined that there was an active arrest warrant for contempt of court out of West New York for the phone owner, police said.

Malave was then arrested on the active warrant and while at police headquarters, he was identified as the caller who made the phone threats. Additionally, he was also in possession of the phone used to make the threats, authorities said.

Police Director Robert Antolos said in a statement the arrest was the result of “a good collective effort of his department” and that “our officers need to be commended for a job well done within a very short time frame.”

Mayor Felix Roque, the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety, also complimented the “quick and excellent police work” in this matter.


  1. Yikes. Two in a week. One makes the news, the other swept under the carpet. Town hall employees don’t even know about it. Better get that secure lock down and evacuation plan in place quick. I think incidents like these might be out of the realm of the “security guards” currently working at municipal bldg.

    • These are actions of sad people without anything to look forward to in life. Sadly, it wastes police manpower and resources that could be used elsewhere. The first incident you speak of wasn’t WNY btw.

    • Wow. A reward? He’s got it. First, a set of bracelets and escort to jail. Next, charges up the wazoo. After that, an all expense paid trip “up North”. He’s got his reward. You may need one too if you believe anything is good about his actions in the times that we are living in. That is probably the most ignorant crass comment I’ve ever read.

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