Police: Two Hoboken cops injured during 40-person brawl outside bar


Two Hoboken police officers were injured during an early morning, 40-person brawl outside a bar on Saturday, authorities said.

Photo via Hudsonrestaurantweek.com.
Photo via Hudsonrestaurantweek.com.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

On November 25th around 4:07 a.m., as police were patrolling the area of Washington Street, Officers Michael Losurdo and Joseph Dimartino observed a large fight outside of Hoboken Bar and Grill – located at 230 Washington St., officials said.

As the officers attempted to break up the large fight between males and females, “smaller pockets of fights began to form.” Overwhelmed by the large crowd, the officers requested back up units to assist in controlling the unruly crowd, police said.

As the officers attempted to stop the fights, Losurdo was charged by one of the defendants and and thrown to the ground. Eventually, Losurdo was able to control the defendant and with the assistance of Officer Tyrone Huggins, place him under arrest, authorities said.

During the arrest of Christian Caputo, two other men, Frank Henderson and Robert Rosario, attempted to prevent Caputo from being arrested by charging at the officers and then attempting to pull him away. The officers were able to regain control of Caputo while Henderson and Rosario fled the scene, police said.

Then, Losurdo and Huggins began to place Caputo into the vehicle while a crowd began to form around them. Sgt. Michael Costello began to assist by attempting to clear a path but was jumped from behind by defendant Hashim Dyer. However, they were able to gain control of defendant Dyer and place him under arrest as well, officials said.

During their attempt to restore order, several other municipalities arrived and assisted in crowd control.

New Jersey Transit, New Jersey State Police, North Bergen Police along with Port Authority assisted our officers “during this moment of chaos.”

Defendants Rosario and Henderson were later found and placed under arrest. All defendants were transported to headquarters where they were all processed.

Losurdo suffered a leg, ear and head injury, where he was treated at Hoboken University Medical Center and later released and cleared for duty.

Meanwhile, Costello sustained an injury to his back and has not been cleared to return. He was treated at the Hoboken University Medical Center and will be re-evaluated in one week, authorities said.

Dyer, Caputo and Henderson were charged with aggravated assault on police officers, while all four men arrested were charged with hindering apprehension, police said.

Additionally, Caputo, Rosario and Henderson were charged with failure to disperse, while Dyer was also charged with resisting arrest, officials said.

In a tweet, Police Chief Kenneth Ferrante said the fight involved 40 people.

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  1. 4:07am. wtf can you expect when you invite a young crowd to drink all night and hang around in large numbers until 4. surprised it doesn’t happen more often.

  2. Maybe Zimmer should support a well staffed HPD and stop reallocating money to pet projects and lawsuits to defend her and her cronies screw ups and back door deals