Police: North Bergen sgt. revives heroin overdose victim with Narcan


A North Bergen police sergeant revived a heroin overdose victim with Narcan last night, authorities said.

Photos courtesy of North Bergen police.
Photos courtesy of North Bergen police.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

North Bergen Police Sgt. Michele Bartoli responded to an emergency call for service involving an unresponsive adult last night, officials said.

Upon arrival, Bartoli’s training and experience led her to believe the individual had suffered an opiate (heroin) induced overdose, police said.

As a result, she immediately administered Narcan and the individual regained consciousness and was transported to a local hospital for treatment, authorities said.


  1. So what. All she did is what she was suppose to do. Her damn job that she is surely paid EXTREMELY well to do.

  2. Get the Lights and Cameras ready. Have the Plaque made by next Friday… Time for the BS Greatness of our Great Leaders and Great PD in NB to promote themselves and hide the dirt aka truth.

  3. To say the commentaries are tacky would be an understatement. Suit up, and deliver better deeds to the human race. She showed and proved…. you???? Lets hear your contributions to humanity!

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