Police: Man removes face shield to cough on Hoboken cops arresting him for shoplifting


A Newark man removed his face shield as he was being detained for shoplifting at the Hoboken Walgreens to cough on local police officers, authorities said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Dwayne McMillian, 50, of Newark, was charged with throwing bodily fluid at a law enforcement officer, shoplifting, and hindering apprehension, according to Police Det. Lt. Danilo Cabrera.

On Monday at about 8:26 a.m., Police Officer Ramon Calderon was dispatched to the Walgreens, located 101 Washington Street, on a report of a shoplifting. A description and direction of flight of the accused suspect was broadcast over the police radio.

Calderon conducted a search for the suspect before responding to Walgreens. As a result, Calderon located and stopped a man who matched the description in the area of 77 River St.

Lt. Edmond Drishti and Sgt. David Olivera responded as backup. The man stopped was identified as McMillian. The on-scene investigation led to McMillian being arrested for shoplifting.

McMillian was informed that he was being placed under arrest for shoplifting and asked to turn around so he may be handcuffed. After removing his face shield, he came within close distance of Calderon, Drishti, and Olivera and purposefully began coughing in their faces.

He was turned around and as officers were placing handcuffs on him, he continued to cough in their direction.

His charges were placed on a warrant and he was transported to the Hudson County Correctional Facility, police said.