Police: Man charged with identity theft in Jersey City after being pulled over for texting


A South Carolina man has been charged with identity theft after being pulled over for texting while driving near the Holland Tunnel in Jersey City, police said.

Daquan M. Grimes.
Daquan M. Grimes.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Daquan M. Grimes, 23, of Branchville, South Carolina, was charged with identity theft/impersonation, credit card theft and receiving stolen property, according to Port Authority police spokesman Joe Pentangelo.

Yesterday at around 11 a.m., Port Authority police near the Holland Tunnel Toll plaza observed a man texting while driving a black 2016 Chevrolet with Maryland plates, officials said.

Authorities pulled the suspect over and asked him for his paperwork. Police noted an odor of marijuana coming from the Chevrolet.

Grimes admitted to having “smoked earlier” and a search yielded 10 credit/debit cars under seven different names and receipts for items purchased with those credit cards. The suspects true name was not on any of the credit card, police said.

He was arrested and Port Authority police detectives verified that the credit/debit cards were stolen and that small purchases were made and a large amount of cash had been returned to the suspect, officials said.

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  1. I remember collecting Pokemon cards, but this guy’s collecting Visas — worth more than a Charizard… So THAT’S where my credit card went! *shakes fist* “Daquan, you Dasquoundrel!” heh heh. Make me wanna break out the Beanie Babies. “Collector? Yes Judge, guilty as charged!!” “Next Case !”