Police: Informant helps West New York cops bust man with 492 prescription pills


A confidential informant led West New York police to a man who was illegally in possession of nearly 500 prescription pills at his home, according to a police report of the drug raid. 

Fernando Fonseca

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Fernando Fonseca, whose age was not released, of West New York, was arrested on charges of possession with intent to distribute a controlled dangerous substance and possession with intent to distribute within 500 feet of public housing after he was caught red-handed with hundreds of prescription pills, the report says.

Hudson County View exclusively reported on Saturday that a drug raid took place in West New York on Friday, though details were scarce at the time.

On Friday, the West New York Police Department’s Narcotics Unit set up a surveillance on Fonseca’s home at 517 51st Street at about 5 p.m., witnessing Fonseca enter his home at around 5:35, p.m., authorities said.

Then at roughly 6 p.m., detectives apprehended Fonseca on his porch without incident as other detectives entered his second floor apartment, police said.

Inside his apartment, West New York police reported they discovered the following:

332 Endocet pills, a painkiller.

115 Alprazolam pills, an anti-depressant.

30 Acetaminophen pills, a generic painkiller.

15 other unidentified prescription pills.

$360 in cash.

Additionally, Fonseca was carrying $50 on him during the time of his arrest, which was also confiscated by police.

Two West New York police detectives met with a confidential informant on Tuesday, July 7, who “provided reliable information in the past” pertaining to drug dealers, claiming he had inside information about a town resident who was selling drugs similar to Xanax and Percocet on the streets, authorities said.

The informant described “Fernando” as a Hispanic man in his 40’s that had been selling prescription drugs on the street for at least the past five months, officials said.

“We have zero tolerance for crime here in the town of West New York,” Mayor Felix Roque said in a statement.

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  1. Thank you, John Heinis for covering this important news item, and for the Commissioner of Public Safety’s thoughtful response, and the due diligence of Director Bob Antolos and his fine WNY Police in their actions.

  2. >>> “We have zero tolerance for crime here in the town of West New York,” Mayor Felix Roque said in a statement. >>>

    Does that include crimes committed by him and his cronies? What an idiot and hypocrite he is!

    • I guess you are one of those people who has a grudge because you’ve been arrested several times and the only way to get even is to bash those who are actually doing a great job cleaning up the Town. Good going big mouth, get a life and try becoming a good citizen.

  3. You know John, you need to take your ass down to Mexico and go after ” EL CHAPO ” and take that dufus Pat Cullen with ya. Reporting garbage like this like if it was a cocaine raid or something. I have 400 Vicodin Tablets in my cabinet so I guess everyone is a criminal. You noticed I gave on on you a long time ago lol…

    • Lolol someone’s back with a vengeance, I was thinking you threw in the towel. There’s nothing wrong with having x amount of Vicodin in your cabinet with a prescription, but that doesn’t look like that was the case here. Plus, an informant said this guy was selling pills on the street. Not saying his word is bond, Fonseca will have his day in court like anyone else, but as it stands in the police report: this was a drug bust.

    • Thank you “Mr. Politico” for associating me with John Heinis. I’ll wear that with honor. I have that, so does John. You, on the other hand, are clueless. Someone like yourself who lobs verbal molotov cocktails only to retreat behind your anonymity has no honor.