Police: Hoboken Good Samaritan tried to save man who died after jumping in river


A Good Samaritan unsuccessfully tried to save a man who jumped in the Hudson River from the Hoboken waterfront last night, who police have identified as a 52-year-old Jersey City man.

Photo courtesy of Barry Grossman.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

At 8:02 p.m., 911 calls came into the police and fire departments on reports of two people in the Hudson River. Hoboken Police Officers Aaron Font and Christopher Barral arrived immediately on scene and notice an individual floating north face down, authorities said.

The Hoboken FD soon arrived under Battalion Chief Jason Cassesa and noticed one individual in the river face down and another climbing out of the River. As a result, harbor units were immediately dispatched to the scene.

The man floated to the shoreline and was pulled out by the Hoboken FD in a lifeless condition. Several minutes later, paramedics pronounced the man dead.

The second individual who climbed out of the water, was a good Samaritan, a 63-year-old Hoboken man, who attempted to save the individual but was unsuccessful on getting to him.

Based on witness statements, there does not appear to be anything suspicious about the entry into the water at this time.

According to Hoboken Public Safety Director Kenneth Ferrante, the Good Samaritan told police that he saw the man jump into the river. Additionally, the family of the deceased was notified by the Jersey City Police Department.

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