Police, friends, family rapidly raising funds for funeral of sheriff’s officer


Members of law enforcement, friends and family members have united to rapidly raise money for the funeral of Hudson County Sheriff’s Officer Alex Ferrer, who committed suicide in his West New York home on Monday.

Photo via GoFundMe.
Photo via GoFundMe.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Zulma Cabrera, a detective for the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office, started a GoFundMe page for her former colleague yesterday and has already raised $10,106 from 140 donors as of 11:14 a.m. this morning. The goal for the page is $15,000.

“On June 27, 2016 we lost our brother of Blue to unfortunate circumstances. We are doing are best as a family of Blue to cope with his lost,” she wrote in the page description.

“We are respectfully asking everyones [sic] help in assisting us, help his family with funeral cost [sic]. Alex had a great heart… our funny man as many us knew him…. So please share this post and please any amount. God Bless Always…..Help spread the word!”

Yesterday, Hudson County Sheriff Frank Schillari offered his condolences to Ferrer’s friends and family, noting that the officer was with his department for four years, serving in the Court Division and SWAT Team.

Back on May 14, Ferrer was charged with DWI within 1,000 feet of a school (Beacon Christian Academy) and reckless driving after crashing his civilian vehicle into a Bayonne bar early Saturday morning, according to Police Capt. Janine Foy.

As a result of the incident, Ferrer was suspended without pay and the sheriff’s office opened an internal affairs investigation.


  1. I’m disturbed by the negative comments left on the HudsonCountyView.com and NJ.com as well saying he was a weak minded officer and all the other offensive jokes and remarks. Let me give you an insight of the man Alex was. Alex attended college and with only one semester left to complete is Bachelor’s Degree, left to join the Navy were he served 5 years. Right out of the Navy was recruited to U.S. Customs Border Patrol where he served 3 years. He was station on the Arizona border. Federal Agents down there are usually shot at once a week or more by drug cartel without being able to shoot back. Drug cartel know this, so they have no fear at shooting at Federal Agents. Alex was married at that time with no children, then divorced and resigned from Border Patrol to live with his mother back home in New Jersey. Alex was an only child raised by a single mother. Back in New Jersey, Alex tried to continue his Law Enforcement career, and was appointed to the Hudson County Sheriff’s office. During his time there, he was invited to join the SWAT Team. Alex was living his dream in Law Enforcement and was always looking ahead into furthering is Law Enforcement career here in New Jersey. On May 14, Alex made a poor decision which possibly jeopardized his career in Law Enforcement. Alex took his job very seriously, this event caused him to be embarrassed, stressed and depressed because he tarnished his career as a role model of being a Law Enforcement Officer. Alex was in overwhelming fear of what the system would decide on his fate as a Law Enforcement Officer. The time it was going to take to decide his future was never ending for him. If he lost his job, he was losing everything, his dream, his life, and the very thing that he loved and kept him happy. He felt he let his mother and himself down. Unfortunately, he could not live with the mystery of what his future in Law Enforcement would be and decided punish himself for his actions in the worse way anyone could imagine. His mother raised a great man all by herself and was very proud of him. It’s just so sad that this was her only child. She lived her whole life for this man and now he is gone. For all the people who continue to post negative comments, I pray that God spares your souls. You have total disregard for human life and the evil you preach is not welcomed in our world. The family and friends do not appreciate your comments. Maybe God will forgive you guys one day for your weak minds. RIP Alexander Ferrer.

  2. Thanks to HC View and Mr John Heinis for this posting. Without it there be no link for most for the Go Fund me page to get around for Alex Ferrer. Seeing how many people donated shows there are still caring people around. Now just to wake of the Fools in WNY to the evil dictators in charge.

    Nice Job here posting story.

  3. Alex was a great guy that I was happy having breakfast with every morning, along with other officers. He was always a gentleman and his mom did a great job raising him. Always gave me a motherly kiss on the cheek every morning. And always respectful. I will miss his sweet smile and gentle manner. He is someone I will never forget. Rest on sweet Alex- my boy. Until we meet again. God is a forgiving God. I pray for your soul. God knows your heart and u had a heart of gold. XXX on the cheek. I love you. Desiree Wheeler( court clerk) from the breakfast crew too

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