Police: 2 Hoboken men charged with aggravated arson for shooting fireworks at HHA building


Two Hoboken men have been charged with aggravated arson for shooting fireworks at a housing authority building earlier this week, police said.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

Elijah Scott, 20, and Tyrese High, 19, of Hoboken were both charged with aggravated arson, weapons possession, & possession of fireworks.

Shortly after midnight on Monday, the Hoboken Police Department responded to the area of 3rd and Jackson Streets on the report of fireworks being shot off.

When uniformed officers arrived, no one was shooting fireworks and the area appeared to be safe. The next day, Tuesday, June 23rd evidence was forwarded to the Hoboken Police Department.

The evidence clearly shows Scott and High in possession of fireworks, specifically shotgun candle, high-powered Roman candles.

Furthermore, the evidence displays the two working together to shoot fireworks at the building located at 320 Jackson St, narrowly missing the windows. Approximately 40 windows were exposed to the potential of the firework exploding on or within the apartment, authorities said.

Both sets of charges were placed on a warrant and after the arrest process was complete, they were transported to Hudson County Correctional Facility, officials said.