Police: 2 adults & 1 teen arrested for illegally selling weed out of Hoboken CBD store


Two adults and one teenager were recently arrested for illegally selling marijuana out of a Hoboken CBD store on Washington Street, police said.

Instagram photo.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“The sale and use of unregulated cannabis and illicit drugs has been prevalent across the state,” Police Chief Steven Aguiar said in a statement.

“Thank you to the community for coming forth to report the illegal sale of cannabis and to the hard-working men and women of the police department for their thorough investigation.”

The Hoboken Police Department Street Crimes Unit began the investigation into Hoboken Exotics, located at 521 Washington St., in February.

This came in response to multiple community complaints alleging that the store was selling cannabis illegally without local and state licenses.

The investigation involved a series of undercover purchases set up and conducted by members of the department’s Street Crimes Unit.

As a result, Brahim Brahim, 33, of Jersey City and a store employee, was charged with distribution of a controlled dangerous substance, including the sale within 500 feet of public property (a park) and 1,000 feet of school property.

He was released on his own recognizance, pending a court date.

Additionally, Esa Alsaedi, 32, of Kew Gardens, New York and the store owner, was charged with employing a juvenile in a drug distribution scheme, which is a second-degree crime.

Alsaedi turned himself into the Hoboken Police Department, was processed, and remanded to the Hudson County Correctional Facility. He was released pending a court date.

Finally, the juvenile was processed for the role played in the illegal distribution of marijuana and released.

No marijuana dispensaries are open yet in Hoboken, though Blue Violets, located nearby at 628 Washington St., is expected to open this year since they have full local and state approval – though they are currently in the midst of a lawsuit.

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    • What does even mean? How is busting someone for braking the law (no, they are not licensed to sell weed) “very shortsighted”? How is our political leadership “self-serving”?

      You make no sense.