Op-Ed: ‘Change for Children’ team will make a positive impact on the Jersey City BOE


In an editorial, Jersey City Public School parents Leslie Sperber and Tricia Cuthbertson explain why they feel the “Change for Children” team will make a positive impact on the Jersey City Board of Education.

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School board elections are often overlooked in the crowded November races. Yet, the Jersey City School Board with a budget of $814 million, larger than the Jersey City municipal budget of $620 million, which serves 30,000 students in the public schools, is a highly consequential election.

November 2nd is an opportunity to elect three Jersey City Board of Education school board trustees.

As Jersey City Public School (JCPS) parents who lived through the fumbling efforts to reopen schools in 2020-21, and bear the brunt of the generally poor decision making, we need a change in education governance; therefore, we will vote for Erika Baez, Doris “Toni” Ervin and Thyson Halley for school board.

Erika knows how an active board member can effectively change a school district. She has proposed to hold the Superintendent and school district accountable for their decisions by setting goals and establishing benchmarks to measure performance.

She’s called for the Superintendent to be responsible for removing wasteful spending on third-party vendors and to remove underperforming school professionals who remain employed. Her position: salary increases need to be tied to performance.

Erika wants the school leadership to provide a plan for the $165 million Covid funds allocated to Jersey City school district, asking for metrics to ensure it contributes to students’ success socially, emotionally, physically and academically.

Doris “Toni” Ervin, a child development specialist and educator, knows successful students are built on the foundation of strong parent and guardian engagement. She plans to improve school district communication so families know what to anticipate and can make informed decisions for their children.

She plans to provide support services to parents and caregivers who may not have resources to help their child succeed. She’s called for metrics to make sure every school district program will demonstrate results in the student achievement equitably across the schools.

Thyson, who has had a difficult and unfortunately timed family crisis this past month caring for and losing a family member, has written his position is to eliminate the inequities across the city to ensure all schools are performing.

As a hearing impaired graduate of JCPS, he is committed to ensuring students with special needs have the necessary support.

On November 2nd, if you want impactful change in the school board, vote for Erika Baez, Doris “Toni” Ervin, and Thyson Halley.

Leslie Sperber and Tricia Cuthbertson
Jersey City Public School parents

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