One captain, two lieutenants named in Hoboken police department


In a ceremony at council chambers in city hall, Hoboken police officer Charles Campbell was promoted to  captain, while officers Brian Brereton and Danilo Cabrera each earned the distinction of lieutenant.


While the promotion ceremony was a joyous occasion for dozens of Mile Square City residents, there was an unmistakably somber mood in the air as a result of the two NYPD officers – Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu – who were shot down in Brooklyn as part of a crazed gunman’s revenge plot for Eric Garner and Michael Brown Saturday afternoon.

Public Safety Director Jon Tooke also addressed the mood in the packed council chambers before the ceremony commenced.

When it was all said and done, Charles Campbell was promoted to captain, while Brian Brereton and Danilo Cabrera were each promoted to lieutenant.

Chief Ken Ferrante sung all three officers praises when explaining why each promotion was a necessity for the department.

Afterwards, Ferrante told Hudson County View what assignments each commanding officer would be tackling.