North Bergen stops issuing parking tickets, opens lots, schools to close through April 20th


North Bergen parking regulations have been suspended, with hundreds of parking spaces being made available to residents, while the public schools have announced they’ll close through at least April 20th.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County View

In a joint effort between Mayor Nick Sacco and the board of commissioners, the board of education, and the parking authority, resident will be able to utilize have eight different parking lots during the coronavirus pandemic – a time when parking tickets will not be issued, the township announced on their website.

The eight locations are the recreation center (6300 Meadowview Ave.), the senior center (1441 45th St.), the 46th Street field recreation parking lot, the 74th Street and Broadway parking lot, the Liberty Avenue parking lots on both 38th and 39th Streets, as well as North Bergen High School (7417 John F. Kennedy Blvd.) and the Robert Fulton Annex School (7111 Polk St.).

These spaces will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Jersey City and Union City have also recently announced that their parking regulations are suspended.

Additionally, the board of education will continue their remote learning program through at least April 20th as orders throughout the state are doing their best to limit social gatherings.

“I wanted to give everyone an update on the situation regarding the school closures due to COVID-19 schools will remain closed until April, therefore students must complete the packets or remote learning assignments given to them prior to leaving the school by next Sunday, March 29th,” Superintendent of Schools Dr. George Solter said in a video posted on the district’s website.

Yesterday, the township provided an update on the coronavirus crisis, indicating that nine patients, ages ranging from 29 to 78, are being treated for the disease.


  1. Not clear on parking regulations suspended. Does that mean
    One does not have to move their car if the sign says no parking on a specific day?

  2. John, they waited too long for this announcement. This should’ve been done two weeks ago! It amazes me how inconsiderate North Bergen is with their parking enforcement. Making it a huge income for the town should not be an excuse in time of crisis. Plus where does that money go? The town looks like s***. The streets have craters the size of boulders. Smh…let me just stay quiet. Thanks for the news

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