North Bergen police promote 2 new deputy chiefs, 2 new lieutenants, and 3 new sergeants


The North Bergen Police Department promoted two new deputy chiefs, two new lieutenants, and three new sergeants this afternoon.

“Defund the police: we’re hearing a lot about that. This administration understands the importance of maintaining a fully staffed, adequately trained, and properly equipped police department in the 21st century,” Police Chief Peter Fasilis said at the promotion ceremony, which was held at the township’s recreation center.

Sworn in right in the middle of the current COVID-19 pandemic on May 1st, Fasilis has also seen a social justice movement spurned by the murder by George Floyd, an officer commit suicide, and a tropical storm.

Despite a textbook case of a baptism by fire, that hasn’t changed his attitude on how to run an effective police force.

” … I can tell you with absolute certainty: that the number one way to reduce crime and disorder is by expanding the number of police officers, that and community policing – it’s the winning formula.”

At his first promotion ceremony as chief, Fasilis said he had the pleasure of promoting  David Corbisiero and Robert Farley, Jr. to deputy chief, Edward Moyano and Anthony Caramucci to lieutenant, along with making Constantinos Apostolakos, Kaylan Tarabochhia, and Yusuf Yousef sergeants.

Public Safety Commissioner Allen Pascual praised the NBPD leadership and reiterated that the township always makes the police budget a top priority.

“We don’t defund our police, we fund them. And I speak for my colleagues: we are 110 percent behind the men and women of the North Bergen Police Department.”

State Senator (D-32)/North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco recalled that when he was first elected as commissioner over three decades ago, the entire department relied on just two police cars, and therefore, most officers had to rely on the bus to get to work.

He also pointed out that today’s promotions didn’t initially include deputy chiefs, but once Fasilis pointed out that Corbisiero and Fairley were eligible, the administration was immediately on board.

“Let’s make it a big promotion. Let’s show people that if you’re in North Bergen, you can advance. Nobody wants to stay where you can’t advance,” Sacco said.

The roughly 40-minute ceremony streamed live on our Facebook page and can be viewed below: