North Bergen Department of Public Works rescues kitten trapped in sewer pipe


The North Bergen Department of Public Works rescued a kitten trapped in a sewer pipe yesterday, using an automated camera to nudge him to safety.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“[Yesterday] North Bergen DPW learned of a trapped kitten on social media and kicked into high gear quickly!,” state Senator (D-32)/Mayor Nick Sacco said in a statement.

“With the advanced technology of cameras and the selflessness of our DPW workers they heroically and safely extracted the kitten from the sewers on Tonnelle Avenue. Thank you to the people who reported this, helped out, the North Bergen Police Department, and most importantly the amazing DPW!”

The DPW was first alerted to the situation by a resident who posted on North Bergen’s Facebook Community Forum that she could hear a kitten crying from inside a storm drain.

After learning of the situation, DPW crew members immediately took it upon themselves to investigate. Upon arrival at the scene they lowered themselves into a catch basin to locate the kitten, which they were able to do quickly.

However, when they tried to capture him, the frightened feline was expectedly spooked and ran from its rescuers into a narrow drain pipe.

The workers then brilliantly thought of using an automated camera to “nudge” the kitten towards the outlet and into the waiting arms of an animal rescue worker.

He is now being cared for and given the appropriate medical treatment necessary before being put up for adoption.

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