NJTV: Fulop admits he’d ‘consider’ gubernatorial run if ‘the timing makes sense’


After brushing off talk about running for governor in 2017 for the better part of the past year, Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop finally stated he’d “consider” the state’s top elected office if “the opportunity is open and the timing makes sense” during an interview with NJTV


Fulop has long been regarded as New Jersey’s top Democratic candidate for governor, but has insisted he would be totally content if his political career ended with him being the mayor of Jersey City – a sentiment he expressed in an interview with Hudson County View in April.

However, in an NJTV interview published on Thursday, Fulop at least entertained the notion of succeeding Republican nemesis Chris Christie, who announced he’s running for president last week (h/t ABC), as governor.

“I would consider it if the opportunity is open and the timing makes sense, but it’s certainly not front and center today,” said Fulop, who just hosted a packed fundraiser at the Liberty House on Monday night, per Politicker NJ.

Former United States ambassador to Germany Phil Murphy told Hudson County View he is “seriously” considering throwing his hat in the ring for the 2017 governor’s race, while state Senator Ray Lesniak (D-20) stated last month that he’d enter the race if that’s what the people want.


  1. What makes sense is that JC needs a real Congressman. Not Albio Sires from Florida.

    Steve stop the games with the HCDO Dodging this topic and covering for Albio Sires of Florida.

    JC needs a voice and action from Washington. Not a political hack living in Florida and a bunch of Corrupt pols hiding the truth.

    No Fulop is a Fraud JC!

  2. I live in Jersey City and will NOT vote for Steven Fulop for Mayor.

    He Lied to the good people of my City!

    Fulop is a Game Player besides a Liar. People of Jersey City now know this!

  3. Damn straight Steve Fulop wud make a good guv!
    Notice these other clowns R not real! (ie identifiable) persons; just pseudonyms!

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