NJ Division of Consumer Affairs hosts ‘fighting fraud’ seminar in Jersey City


The Acting Director of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs, Steve Lee, hosted a “fighting fraud” seminar at Hudson County Community College Friday afternoon – which was well-attended by local seniors.


Lee gave basic tips to avoid getting scammed by fraudsters, telling residents to be mindful of “boiler room techniques” that include playing on emotions and using fear and intimidation.

One of several clips shown during the presentation, which were recordings of real scammers, illustrated one example of intimidating people to prevent them from informing loved ones or law enforcement.

Lee explained that no legitimate business or government agency would ever make a phone call in this vein, nothing that such a conversation “should raise alarm bells.”

Additionally, Lee revealed that scammers typically ask for payment via wire transfers or pre-paid credit cards, since those payment methods are nearly impossible to trace.

Lee also spoke about scammers who try to obtain personal information through phishing.

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