New York Jets kicker Nick Folk visits Public School No. 2 in West New York


West New York’s Public School No. 2 got a visit from New York Jets kicker Nick Folk for their participation in the Jets PLAY 60, Eat Right, Move More Program.


The visit from the NFL pro got teachers and students active for 60 minutes.

“This means a lot to me. My mom raised me to play a lot outside,” Folk told Hudson County View.

“I’m excited to be here, excited to give back,” as the kicker referenced the jump rope, scooter race and other activities as ways to keep kids active, healthy and “moving more.”

The Jets PLAY 60 requires four weeks of sixty minutes of daily exercise, which teachers will keep track of.

The more students that participate in the program, the more likely Folk will return in the spring with a grant for the school.

The “Grand Champion” of the program will receive a $15,000 grant, while three “Division Champions” will receive $5,000 grants.

Public School No. 2 will also have a selected group of students who will walk onto the MetLife Stadium field on December 17, to be introduced as Jets PLAY 60 participants in a home game against the Miami Dolphins.

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  1. What is happening with Roque’s trial? Wasn’t it supposed to start on November 29th? Was it adjourned ?
    Sorry for posting here, but this is the latest article on WNY.