New non-profit group seeks to aid families of law enforcement impacted by suicide


10-13 Survivors, a new non-profit group, held their first fundraiser last night as they seek to raise awareness and provide aid to families of law enforcement members impacted by suicide.

“A couple months ago, I had the brainchild of forming a non-profit organization to help out the surviving children of New Jersey police officers who we’ve lost to suicide,” retired North Bergen Police Capt. Arthur Dell, one of the 10-13 board trustees, said in an interview.

“Recently, we lost a North Bergen police sergeant, Sgt. Alexander Vazquez: we lost him to suicide. He left behind two and we vowed, as a group, to take care of these children – not only his children, but the children of all New Jersey police officers under the age of 18.”

When asked about the significance of the group name, Dell said that the group initially wanted to go with “Diamond in the Rough,” but once they discovered that was already taken, they went with 10-13 Survivors – 10-13 is the universal code for officer needs assistance.

Dell also noted that they were grateful for a nice turnout for their first event, with about 150 to 200 people attending, further stating that they plan on doing monthly events ranging from parties at places like the Flow Lounge to 5k runs.

10-13 Survivors was incorporated on January 1st of this year and their other trustees are North Bergen Police Officer Saray Durango, Sgt. Chris Argudo, Lt. Alex Barrios, retired North Bergen Police Det. Brandon Vilchez, and Paterson Police Officer Irsi Velez.

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