New funeral home planned for MLK Drive in Jersey City


Jersey City residents attended a community meeting at the Mary McLeod Bethune Center to discuss the proposed development of a new funeral home in the heart of Ward F.

The project, which would rehabilitate an existing structure on MLK Drive and Fulton Avenue, almost directly across the street from the Bethune Center, is to be built by developer James Grant and operated by the Family Funeral Home.

Grant and Family Funeral Home executive director Kenny Cattenhead spoke to the crowd about the benefits of a new funeral home.

Jackson Hill Main Street SID Executive Director Michele Massey expressed opposition to the project, highlighting the logistical issues and practical concerns of the location.

Finally, Kenita Cosme, of the Family Funeral Home, spoke about the benefits her company would provide to the community.

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  1. This community would benefit much more from a start of the art job skills and training facility. A facility that also teaches life skills and helps with expungement for non-violent offenses. This would help restore confidence to the residents in the ability to compete and secure gainful employment. That says to the community we want to see you grow, succeed and have better quality of LIFE.
    We already have several funeral homes in JC and another is just saying you all are dying so rapidly they can’t keep up so we need another.


  3. This is a black businessman who grew up in Jersey City, whom I also grew up with and went to school with that has a legitimate business and wants to run it in his hometown of Jersey City, and you people want to throw shade!!!!????? It'll be much more convenient to take the bodies there, the way these "men" are killing each other on the regular…I say why not!!!??? They're killing each other on the Ave and the funeral home is right there where its needed!!!! How's that for truth!!!! #FALLBACK #STOPHINDERINGTHISBLACKMAN #SUPPORTBLACKBUSINESSES #YALLNEGROESMAKEMESICK Thaaats right!!! I said it!!!!

  4. Unbelievable that the people that we have fighting for us r doing a terrible job to say the least now u talk about a funeral home what kind of message does that say to our youths ?; wow I'm truly speechless JERSEY CIYT ASHAMED

  5. And it sure doesn't need a funeral home ….how about a municipal building or something where the community sees a, positive situation instead a business that's just trying to grab up the dead bodies in jersey city … In other words a good opportunity. ….and just because you know him and he's black …The people should be comfortable with that? Come on they can't come up with something other than a funeral home? What kind of message does that send ….GTFOH…

  6. It doesn't belong on a street like MLK, it should be on one like JFK because of the width of that Blvd, and the make-up of the street it self. MLK does not need a reminder of the home goings of people everyday on such a small drive. That's Fulton Ave. and That's the Greeks, are you kidding me go eat and than send your love one home? wtf We need banks back on them corners, we need jobs back on them corners! This is my home too, and I rather see a brand new billiards room or a brand new supper club with live bands something that helps promote a sense of community living/life not a constant reminder of death! I'm saddened by the fact that our community developers would consider such a thing… Why? Why there why not on the out(er) side within the community? Why in the heart of the community, why?? Yes, it looks soooo pretty, and yes you and your $$ will have sooo much security… Against who/whom??? Like Ice Cube said in the movie "Barbershop" "I Ain't Wit That Stuff" and neither should you who still live there be!

  7. I can clearly see by your post that these people are friends of yours, But why there on that corner in the middle/heart of the community? Could they not have found a better location? Or, is there more to the story than is being told? Like what type of deals were made with the city for this development, and what if anything will the residents receive as part of this deal? Because of the statements made by you I can see you don't believe change in this/your community is possible. But, If this deal goes through that lack of change will most definitely become your reality!

  8. Yes it is because I know him and he's a black man that OWNS and operates a legitimate business! and what would you have in a municipal building? The messaged that it sends is that we all are gonna die and we need a business that can provide mortuary services.

  9. I would have to dis-agree with you there, death is not a part of life in-fact it's the total opposite. See, that's the issue with the young generation you think you know, but you know not… REALLY!!!! And, with these kinds of idea our young will continuously head away from LIFE (God). Let me make myself clear, this is not an attack against your friends and THEIR development of a new funeral home, just the locate! #STANDSTRONG#NEVERAHATER@SUPPORTWHAT'SRIGHT#ONLYANEGROCALLTHEIROWNNERGROES, That's Right… I Said It Back!!

  10. BE CLEAR: DON'T COME AT ME WITH YOUR BS, PSEUDO-INTELLIGENCE AND ASSumptions of ME!!! SO YOU GOTTA PROBLEM WITH ME AND MY POINT VIEW??? SO WHAT! Everything else is available up on the Ave, mind as well add that business too! For the record beloved, death IS apart of life, because surely as you live, you will die and most of us are walking-dead. If Watson Mortuary can be located smack dab in the MIDDLE of a residential block surrounded by private family homes and apartment buildings, then why can't a funeral home be placed on a major thoroughfare!!!!????? You wanna talk about whats right? Whats right is that anyone should have the RIGHT to operate a business anywhere they choose, no matter who likes it or not. Here's the hypocrisy from most people: EXIBIT A: Greenville Hospital closed about 2005-2006, no one bitched and moaned to keep it open!!! No protests….NOTHING!!!!!!! Its was the only hospital that was accessible to that area!!!!!! So now you either (depending if your heath insurance is in-network) gotta go to Bayonne Medical, JC Medical or Christ Hospital in which if you live in Ward F or Ward A and you are about to check out of this world, guess what!!!???? You're as good as dead!!!! THATS REALITY!!!!! SO DON'T FIGHT TO KEEP A HOSPITAL OPEN, BUT FIGHT AGAINST THE LOCATION OF A FUNERAL HOME????? REALLY!!!!!! And y'know not for nothing maybe it wouild have some credibility IF the area was affluent, but in REALITY, ITS NOT!!!!!! *She smiles slyly* Well I can say this and I will: Some choose to build houses on sand and others choose to build on grass. Their perception may not be clear, but they still see thru the same glass. And that beloved makes the difference.