Murphy lashes out at anti-vaccine protesters in Union City: ‘People are losing their life!’


Gov. Phil Murphy (D) unexpectedly encountered some anti-vaccine protesters at a bill signing event in Union City, causing him to lash out: “You are the ultimate knuckleheads and because of what you are saying and standing for people are losing their life!”

As he took the podium, the governor declared that the State of New Jersey was reporting over 1,100 new cases, 13 fatalities, 598 hospitalizations – 99 in the intensive care unit and 90 who went into the hospital yesterday and 76 who left, with a rate of positivity over five percent.

Also noting that the rate of transmission is coming down, Murphy began to notice a group of protesters that were carrying signs that said “Medical choice is a human right” and “No forced injections.”

‚ÄúPlease get vaccinated if you are not vaccinated. We are not out of the fight. Please get vaccinated! Period! These folks back there have lost their minds – you’ve lost your minds!,” he shouted.

“You are the ultimate knuckleheads and because of what you are saying and standing for people are losing their life! And you have to know that! Look in the mirror! Look in the mirror!”

On Monday, Murphys announced that employees at a number of facilities including nursing and veterans homes, hospitals, as well as jails, would either need to be fully vaccinated or submit to coronavirus testing once or twice a week as of September 7th.

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  1. Governor, you well know that there are many thousands killed by the “vaccination” and far more injured. These people are not “knuckleheads,” because they decline to take an experimental drug they very likely do not need because they are not in the most vulnerable 75 year-old age group, obese or diabetic group. The long term impact may be far worse and is at best plagued with risky unknowns.

    Most Americans have natural immunity, the most proven durable form of protection. This simple truth is being completed ignored. It is intentional not accidental. The Pfizer shot’s effectiveness continues to wane as seen in daily released objective data from Israel. The “vaccination for all” approach is incorrect, scientifically dubious, dangerous and problematic. The mass vaccinations are incubating breakthrough variants and many top scientists warned of this before it occurred. Children and youth do not need ANY shot. Healthy, they face unnecessary risks from the jab not the virus. This is a simple empirical fact.

    See also the WSJ article: “Eradication of Covid Is a Dangerous and Expensive Fantasy,” by Jay Bhattacharya and Donald J. Boudreaux. Dr. Bhattacharya is a a professor of medicine at Stanford and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research and one of the few proven consistently correct with best strategies against the virus.

    Israel, the nation with the highest vaccination rate should be adequate evidence of the failed vaccination for all strategy. Top scientists point out the failure to date in Israel is worsened as breakout variants are born in the people vaccinated. A better holistic strategy should finally follow, not a repetition of failure doing more harm to American lives.

    Respect human rights.