Money magazine names Jersey City the 10th best city to live in America


Money magazine has named the City of Jersey City the 10th best city to live in America, citing their diversity, food and night life scene, Liberty Science Center, and Liberty State Park, among other things.

By John Heinis/Hudson County View

“Sometimes referred to as New York City’s ‘sixth borough,’ Jersey City is a thriving metropolis with a character all its own — regardless of what lies on the other side of the Hudson River,” the magazine wrote, which was republished on their website.

“Potential residents have their choice of a wide variety of neighborhoods in New Jersey’s second-largest city, all with a distinct character. There are luxury condominiums in high rises on the waterfront with sweeping skyline views, single-family homes in the Heights, new developments in Journal Square, and historic brownstones all across the town.”

Furthermore, they note that more than half of their residents speak a language other than English, while 43 percent were born in another country.

Also praising their pizza, specifically Razza, along with the tennis courts, basketball courts, and golf course in Lincoln Park, they also not that the proximity to New York City is a big part of their appeal as well.

“Of course, there’s no ignoring Jersey City’s massive neighbor to the west, and New York City is a big part of life for many locals. New Jersey’s PATH trains run straight to Manhattan, making commuting a breeze.”

“When the weather is nice (and even when it’s not), you can take the ferry across the river instead of the train. Though living costs are rising, residents still get to enjoy all that access to New York without paying New York prices.”

With a population of 283,496 according to the last Census, Money magazine identifies Jersey City’s median household income as $92,183; median home price as $605,831; and unemployment rate as 3.9 percent.

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