Mayoral hopeful Nason wants to bring ‘night mayor’ concept to Hoboken


Hoboken business owner and mayoral hopeful Karen Nason wants to bring the “night mayor” concept to the Mile Square City in hopes of breathing new life into bar, club and restaurant scene.

The night mayor, also known as the director of night life or the DON, is a concept that is picking up steam in Europe and is now heading to New York.

As the New York Times highlighted, a night mayor is essentially “an ambassador tasked with giving after-dark activities a more congenial reputation.”

In a video segment filmed with House of Que owner Sean McGarr last week, Nason discussed why she felt this concept would be beneficial to Hoboken.

“This town was originally built on the restaurant scene, the bar scene, that’s what brought a lot of people to Hoboken … Hoboken has more liquor licenses per capita than anywhere in the country,” said McGarr.

“We have more restaurants in a smaller area than New Orleans. And the very important nature of that is to protect that: there’s something very cool about Hoboken still.”

McGarr and Nason were in agreement that should the night mayor position be implemented, business owner Rob Gebhardt would be the right man for the job.

“To have someone that looks after that, that becomes a sounding board not only between the administration and the restaurant owner, or the bar owner, whomever it may be, but also become the person that bridges the gap between the resident and the venue.”

Nason is widely considered a long shot to win the November 7th municipal election, competing against elected officials such as Freeholder Anthony Romano (D-5), Council president Jen Giattino, 1st Ward Councilman Mike DeFusco, Councilman-at-Large Ravi Bhalla.

Nevertheless, she continues to try and establish herself as the only outside-the-box candidate with no ties to the Mayor Dawn Zimmer administration.

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  1. “Make me your night mayor… and I’ll make you IMMORTAL! mwa a a a a” *vampire voice* “I vant to be your night mayor.” Happy halloween everybody! But is this a TRICK?? or a real Treat! (I say trick, because– “Darvis, shut up! Nobody care’s what you think!” Don’t I know it…)

  2. So Nason has already promised a job to her ex business partner’s current business partner?
    Are Gebhardt or McGarr even residents of Hoboken?
    Ask Zoning officer Ann Holtzman what the nights were like along Newark Street when these “night life” promoters ran an event space which was basically a BYOB night club that ruined quality of life for the short time it was open.
    If you can’t follow Zoning laws now, how can one be trusted to create them or enforce them?
    Even Ralph the amazing chef of her Pizza place is leaving her and opening up his own place on 9th and willow.
    It’s going to take more than lobbying for one bar owner and videos constantly plugging their own businesses

    Show me great business and community leaders like The Flinns and Anthony Pino and you have me. Not the weekly rehash – I’m mad because Zimmer closed my event space for little kids parties ( like the kids parties until 2 am with strobe lights and booze )
    Isn’t the video an ELEC violation anyway? Who paid for these videos? She is missing that info too.

    • Ann Holtzman is a horrible zoning officer that’s been a plague to Hoboken business owners for years. She approves nothing, and refers everyone to a variance with the planning board which, shockingly, is run by… HER HUSBAND! She’s corrupt, holds this city back, extremely rude, and frankly should be removed from her position IMMEDIATELY. Maybe get someone with more qualifications than marketing consumer goods.