Mayor Felix Roque: I’m ‘extremely blessed’ my mother lived through Election Day


West New York Mayor Felix Roque told Hudson County View about the shocking turn of events he faced on Election Day: detailing when he got a call from Palisades Medical Center to inform him his mother stopped breathing just moments after the polls closed.  


“At that time [after the polls closed], my mother stopped breathing, my sister and I rushed to the hospital: immediately she was intubated. I thought we lost her that night,” Roque explained shortly after being sworn in and appointed mayor of West New York for a second time yesterday.

“[I] find out in the morning she’s still hanging in there … I’m extremely blessed to still have her with me. Yesterday, she was intubated and she’s breathing on her own again.”

“I’m just happy, because her wishes were for me to be there the day I was sworn in, so I’m going to do my best to go there tomorrow and make her wish come true.”

Roque’s updated Hudson Count View on the health of his 83-year-old mother, Hilda, minutes ago, stating that she was doing “fantastic” and was hopeful that a special swearing-in ceremony could take place at Palisades Medical Center this afternoon.

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  1. Roque forgets that he and Garcia ran the commissioners meetings like a banana republic for 3 years, and he sat up there like a third world dictator laughing in people’s faces.
    Then when he realized he needed to change his tune he hired Scarinci, at a cost of $500K a year to taxpayers, to clean up his act and try to make him look good.
    Didn’t fool me and didn’t fool a lot of people. Roque is garbage and always will be.