LHS, NJACR to submit proposals for Bayonne animal control services contract


Liberty Humane Society, Jersey City’s non-profit animal shelter, and New Jersey Animal Control and Rescue – a contractor in Bayonne – both said they will submit proposals for a two-year animal control services contract in Bayonne that cannot exceed $90,000 annually.


“I have a two-year contract. I’ve never been served with anything that says my contract is going to be terminated,” NJACR owner Geoff Santini said over the phone this morning.

“We’re just going to move forward, we’re going to play it out. As the city has said previously, there are no complaints against my company.”

On Monday afternoon, the City of Bayonne formally advertised that they are seeking a request for qualifications and proposals for animal control services.

The move does not come as a surprise, given that the city council approved putting animal control services back out to bid at last month’s meeting by a vote of 4-1.

1st Ward Councilman Tom Cotter voted no, telling Hudson County View after the meeting that he had not received any resident complaints regarding NJACR’s job performance, noting that LHS declined to pick up wildlife when they were the city’s animal control vendor of choice.

The city’s proposal is more specific than last time, asking for each vendor to provide the contract[s] they currently hold with a state licensed animal shelter[s], a breakdown of the shelter’s holding capacity and to list any other municipal contracts they currently have.

All proposals are due on September 7 at 10 a.m. and qualified vendors do not necessarily have to be from Hudson County.

NJACR received an $87,500 contract after receiving council approval at their November 10 meeting, prompting a protest and some resident backlash against the administration at the subsequent meeting in December.

Santini echoed Cotter’s sentiment when discussing the services his company provides to Bayonne, adding that he feels the only reason an RFP is being solicited by the city is due to “political pressure.”

“I work around the clock taking care of animals. And lo and behold, we just had a rabid racoon the other day. LHS wasn’t doing their job … the services that Bayonne wanted included trapping animals,” he said.

“There are seven to 10 people complaining [about our job performance], while there are 100’s that are happy. This is from political pressure caused by Peter Franco. LHS is a good organization, we just do different things.”

Franco, a lifelong Bayonne resident who is often critical of Mayor Jimmy Davis and his allies, scoffed at the notion that he influenced the council’s decision and said he is well aware of resident complaints against Santini’s company.

“I don’t think this situation has anything to do with political pressure: I think the council acknowledged problems that exist,” Franco responded, adding that while the city’s Health Department may not have any animal-related complaints on file, other entities – such as the police department – do.

Meanwhile, LHS Executive Director Irene Borngraeber commended the city for deciding to review proposals for animal control services.

“The fact that Bayonne has issued a new, and more detailed, RFP for animal services means that the city is listening to constituent feedback, that is very positive,” later confirming that LHS will also be entering a bid.

According to Santini, his current contract is not set to expire until November 30, 2017.

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  1. I am very happy to see this contract put out for bid. While I feel Bayonne needs to have its own shelter, I think Liberty is the best option at this time. It’s closers, we had better services. As far as wildlife is concerned, Santini can handle that part if he needs the money that bad

  2. Kathleen once again you have nothing nice to say. If you feel Bayonne needs a shelter do what I did take your own money and open one.
    Please if you have only negative things to say keep them to yourself.
    This is about the animals not your political agenda.
    Saying these derogatory things about me “if Santini needs the money” do you say this about all the vendors contracted with Bayonne or am I your only target?
    Are you satisfied with every vendor contracted with Bayonne?

  3. “Political Pressure” Santini says. Yet he’s the one with over half of the animal control contracts in our county and his own reference sheet is filled with politicians.

  4. Peter once again with your rhetoric.
    I have an animal control company I place bids every year with municipalities.
    If I win the bid I work in that town.
    If you think you can help animals step away from your keyboard and start your business and come help the animals . Talking about politics is all you like to do. Peter find some peace in yourself. Attacking me and everyone else will not help your anger or demons.
    And yes my reference sheet that I supply with my bids , (The OPRA requests that you constantly do in each municipality) does reference elected officials who I have done work in those towns. There are also Health Officers and Professionals , but as always you like to only reference “politicians’. What ever your agenda is remember this is about the animals not PETER FRANCOS AGENDA.

    • Geoff,

      You do realize these comments are public right? People can see that you are the one attacking people. This is the second article in which you attacked everyone that has left an unfavorable comment.

      Residents of Bayonne are clearly unhappy with the service being provided. They have made complaints. This is confirmed by public comments from the residents whom have made these complaints and by some of our elected officials who spoke with the media stating they have received these complaints.

      When asked by the media to address these complaints you have denied their existence. You have minced words by saying the health department has no complaints on record. However, I have independent confirmation that the health department should have some of those complaints as these were sent to the department via the Citizen Service Request feature on the City of Bayonne’s website. (Which by the way can be obtained via request under the Open Public Records Act.)

      Let’s talk about your references for a second. You are correct. Your references aren’t all politicians. There’s a health officer listed, who just so happened to be hired full time by the City of Bayonne days before you were contracted. A health officer that you appear to have a long standing professional relationship with. A man in charge of the department that should have complaints on file but claims not a single one exists.

      Based on all of the information, I believe in my heart that you are a dishonest man that provides a lousy service to our city and you haven’t been held accountable for these complaints bc of your “references.” I also believe that the health officer is complicit in this activity and I think it’s time I reach out to the attorney general’s office.

  5. Animal Control Services are terrible since NJACR took over. Kudos to everyone fighting the good fight. Our city needs to send a message to contractors, it’s our way or the highway.

  6. what I find pretty scary peter franco was incarcerated in a jail in Texas and he’s now in new jersey as a politician?
    oh wait this is where all the crooks become elected.

  7. This entire conversation is screwed up. Truth is Santini gets away with not running liscensed animal shelters or following the rules because of his relationships to north Bergen politicians. Cause that’s how things still work in NJ. Instead of actually providing service the “job” gets pushed off onto independent animal rescue people who work day in and day out to do what Santini REFUSES. How many people rescue cats in union city and wny and weehawken and north Bergen on their own? Why? Because who else is actually going to do something? Oh my bad- unless it’s “hoarding”. Then Santini is the first one to call the media and take lots of pictures. But no one knows what actually happens to the animals after they leave the ILLEGAL garages and warehouses and vets offices and whatwver Santini puts them in “temporarily”. Because he doesn’t actually run an animal shelter. We’re all afraid to speak up because it may hurt the animals.

  8. Geoffrey, why are you so defensive? You have so many contracts already, why is it so important you get Bayonne?? You are not wanted here. This is a business contract for you, you can’t handle all your towns now. I have been very nice in my comments, and I’m not going to shut up just because you don’t like what I have to say.

  9. Julie Cassano probably a fake name.
    If real I never met you or heard of you until today. If this is your real name remember what you write you can be held liable for defamation .
    We are a fully licensed shelter and you should do your homework.
    There is no politics in animal control , oh you don’t want hear that you want a political conversation. And as far as calling media I never called the media . Tv, or anyone when it comes to those horrific hoarding cases.
    The only publicity I would appreciate is for the animals , and for hem to be adopted and rescued . So that coverage of media is great.
    I don’t need a pat on the back or a picture taken. Saving the animals is my glory.

    • So what happened to the cats you removed from wny? You reported them as “adopted” then “Going to cliffside park”, then yourpr person said they were all adopted again. But they didn’t go to cliffside park and your animal control officer was posting online for people to take them months after because they were out of time. Were they at your “shelter”? What ever happened to them?

      • Of course I’d use a real name. So you can SUE ME like you threaten to SUE EVERYONE who questions you. Why do you think this guy is still around?? Why do you think he gets away with not providing any details or records? Could it be because when anyone dares question anything he hides behind legal action? Does that sound normal to you? It sounds *** shady to me. Sue the people who want better for the animals. Because that’s in the animals best interest, I’m sure….

  10. Geoff ignores complaints until somebody political makes him respond. It’s been going on in Union City for years. I’ve seen the police respond to animal control calls and let the animals go because there was no where to take them. Complain to the police and they say its not their problem.

  11. Julie why don’t you contact me and help with the animals . If your a real person contact me and let’s sit down and discuss the animal control and let’s see how you can help.
    Instead of making up lies and false allegations let’s discuss how animal control works.