LETTER: With Dem leadership ‘taking a stand for chaos,’ I want to debate HCDO Chair DeGise


In a letter to the editor, Republic State Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor Einstein said that in light of Democratic leadership “taking a stand for chaos” at all levels, he wants to debate Hudson County Democratic Organization Chair Amy DeGise.

Dear Editor,

On the transcendent moral issues of our time – the current wave of violence and massive spike in crime engulfing Democrat led cities across the nation, mobs attempting to destroy America by re-writing history, toppling statues, attacking and defunding the police, burning and looting economically well-off and underprivileged neighborhoods alike, and the movement to silence dissidents – the Democrat leadership has taken a stand for chaos, anarchy, revisionism, and crime.

The Hudson County Democrat leadership is no different. Like fellow Democrat NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio, they have advocated for letting out violent criminals on early release from prison, pretended that the police are the problem not rioters, advocated for the defunding of the police, and are inexplicably surprised at the spike in crime.

There is no difference between the Hudson County Democrat leadership and the mobs of rioters engaged in the violent movement to destroy historic monuments. The public knows their views, the question is can they defend them?

So that the people of our county can witness an open and honest discussion, I challenge the leader of the Hudson County Democrat Party, Chairperson Amy DeGise, to debate.

Of course, being the head of a county party known for backroom deals in smoke-filled rooms, the light of day might not be something Chairperson DeGise relishes, but the people of Hudson County deserve it.

What of Covid-19, the Democrat leadership will ask in the momentary adaption of their classic dodge style response to questions?

Has not the public has learned from the Democrat endorsement of BLM rallies, the Anti-Israel rally in North Bergen in early July, and Antifa riots and statue toppling’s (which the Dems call “uprisings”) that outdoor events with masked participants have no impact on the spread of Covid-19?

Why can DeGise not debate her party’s vision at the outdoor amphitheater in Hoboken’s Sinatra Park which each night has dozens or hundreds sitting and enjoying the view and, like the BLM rallies (if we are to trust these Dem leaders) has also not been responsible for a spike in Covid-19 cases?

The people of Hudson County await a response.


Joshua Sotomayor Einstein
NJ GOP State Committeeman Representing Hudson County


  1. The party calls itself the Democratic Party. Representatives and entities thereof are referred to as Democratic – Mayors, Representatives, Committees, Organizations, etc.

    If, out of some juvenile need to demonstrate impertinence as if it were some sort of brave protest, you can’t respect what the party calls itself and its elected representatives, why should anyone extend the respect to you of taking your “challenge” seriously?

    Moreover, you appear to have nothing more than a convenient list of talking points from which all the antecedents for the actions you disapprove of are magically absent. Disingenuous at best. If your party means to offer an alternative to “chaos” perhaps it ought to start by being more honest about the facts on the ground.

    All of which makes you little more than a self-promoting propagandist who is not capable of treating elected representatives – not to mention the voters who elected them – with due respect.

    Try again when you grow up a little.

  2. People who tout their status as “committee person” are not to be taken seriously.

    Besides, what does it take to become a GOP CP in Hudson County? Like, 14 votes?.

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