LETTER: West New York food and baby pantry has worked continuously during the pandemic


In a letter to the editor, Dvine Konektion Community Development Corporation Founder and CEO Pastor Tania Fuentes explains the continuing efforts of the non-profit group during this public health emergency.

Dear Editor,

The Dvine Konektion Community Development Corporation is no stranger to serving the community in the midst of hard times.

The non-profit organization first launched its Food Pantry and Baby Pantry programs in 2008 when the nation was experiencing a deep recession and there was a critical need for basic food and supplies.

After serving those in need for 12 years, Dvine Konketion was faced with a new, seemingly insurmountable challenge – providing food distribution services in the midst of a crippling pandemic.

Letting people go without food or baby items was never an option for us. We were flooded with calls from people who had lost their jobs, were facing empty shelves in the grocery stores and we knew we had to help.

Dvine Konektion immediately expanded its operations and increased its distribution days from twice a month to twice a week.

Keeping the organization’s volunteers and the community safe were a top priority.

We moved our operations outdoors. We required all of our workers to wear face masks and gloves and asked those coming to receive items to do the same.

We distributed food by appointment only and spaced out the appointments to ensure that there were only a handful of people onsite at a time. We were also careful to practice social distancing at all times.

Dvine Konekion has always been committed to the health and wellness of residents across Hudson County.

Realizing the importance of healthy eating, especially during a pandemic, Dvine Konektion established a Farmer’s Market where families could come weekly to receive boxes of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables free of charge.

Over the past five months, Dvine Konektion has been able to assist over 10,000 people.

Part of the power of Dvine Konektion is being able to bring people who have a heart for the community together to serve.

Dvine Konektion has recently partnered with the township of West New York, the Hoboken Police Department, the Rotary Club of North Hudson, as well as other local non-profit organizations such as Save Latin America.

What are the next steps for Dvine Konektion?

We are looking to acquire vehicles so that we can deliver food and items to the elderly and disabled. Many seniors are still afraid to leave their homes, and it is difficult for those with disabilities to come onsite and carry bags and boxes of groceries home.

Dvine Konektion is also planning to renovate their current site to accommodate some additional community programs that will be resuming over the coming months, including specially designed rooms for youth and special needs children and a kitchen to allow hot food to be prepared and shared with those in need.

Those interested in partnering with Dvine Konektion, or those in need of assistance can email dvinecdc@aol.com or call 201-617-4484.

Information can also be found on their website: www.dvinek.org.

Pastor Tania Fuentes
Dvine Konektion Community Development Corporation Founder and CEO


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