LETTER: ‘We believe it is time to change the way things are done in Hudson County’


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken residents Bob Conrad and Deborah Jacobus explain why they feel it is time to change the business as usual attitude in Hudson County.

Dear Editor,

The other day we listened to an interview with Nancy Solomon on NPR, during which she discussed the Amy DeGise traffic case and what it says about politics in New Jersey, specifically in Hudson County.

She spoke about the way “the machine” is formed and preserved – getting “the line” on primary day is essential – and how it influences where and how money is spent in Hudson County; it therefore behooves local politicians to stay in the good graces of those who control the levers of power.

Ms. Solomon went on to discuss how only two of the nine Jersey City Council members (Ms. DeGise being one of the nine) have spoken out in opposition to DeGise’s claim that she will not step down from her council position.

Solomon also noted the council majority, who ran on Mayor Steve Fulop’s “ticket” in last year’s city elections, have been notably silent on this issue – despite, as she also noted, clear video evidence that Ms. DeGise simply drove away from a significant traffic accident.

While Ms. DeGise is certainly entitled to due process, the fact that Mayor Fulop’s loyalists have remained silent, while a large portion of the community, and two council members, have called for her resignation, aligns with Ms. Solomon’s telling of the way things have long been done in Hudson County.

We believe it is time to change the way things are done in Hudson County, starting with a more complete, end-to-end re-evaluation of the Story Dispensary application, in which Mayor Fulop’s wife is a co-owner of the building.

We also ask that the Hoboken City Council, the ultimate arbiter of what is best for the city, evaluate the Story application in a way that becomes less about politics and process and more about the well-being and reputation of our community.

Bob Conrad and Deborah Jacobus
Hoboken Residents

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  1. Hilarious, an anti-weed/anti-Story letter couched for the first 80% of it as being about Hudson County politics. Nice try. I was with you 100% of awhile there, until the end.

  2. You’re missing the point, Reefer Mad. This is about politics and process in Hudson County. We are in favor of dispensaries but opposed to the current process, which seems to favor those in political positions of power. Our elected officials need to step up and do what’s right for their constituents.

  3. “About the well-being and reputation of our community”?? They speak of Jersey City and their jealousy of it’s Mayor. Too many wanna-be caring local subplants who believe they have a right to speak out “for their community” A Joke with these activists who think they can waste time at council meetings and that someone will actually listen to their pathetic warbeling. Oh, look there, a bitch-pressed double warbled red breasted WASTE of TIME. In OUR Community. Fly away, losers. Hahahahaha