LETTER: Wainstein says it’s time to give Swibinski ‘a lesson in math and history’


In a letter to the editor, perennial North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco antagonist Larry Wainstein says it’s time to give Vision Media Marketing Vice President Phil Swibinski “a lesson in mathematics and history” after reading his recent letter. Larry Wainstein

Dear Editor:

It is a truism in politics that if a candidate is not effective then do not attack the candidate. Phil Swibinski is very well aware of this truism, that is why he continues with his venomous attacks.

He is very much concerned that the goose who laid his golden egg (Dictator Sacco) is near his end and so go the multiple political money making jobs for Swibinski and his Vision Media.

I have read the recent verbiage from Phil Swibinski and evidently it is time to give him a lesson in mathematics and in history.

There are 34,000 registered voters in the Township of North Bergen. The 3,410 votes received by the 35 year old political machine which I knew Swibinski would brag about, is 10% of the electorate and not the 88%. I would expect Swibinski to falsely brag about.

The history lesson (which I am sure Swibinski is ignorant of) is that Abraham Lincoln lost many elections before he became the greatest President of our beautiful country. That means I am one election away. Watch out Phil, we are on a roll.

Larry Wainstein

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  1. Mr Wainstein,
    I find it hard to understand that you live in Franklin Lakes and continue to say you will be Mayor of North Bergen one day.
    There are laws that prevent such atrocities like the one you are trying to do. You aligned yourself with a convicted felon racketeer “Joe Mocco.”
    You are constantly fighting for something you don’t deserve. Your children attend a private school in Franklin Lakes. You are a phony and a Liar please use your washing machines to launder Moccos money not the taxpayers of North Bergen’s . And yes this is my real name , I have nothing to hide or be afraid of. “With all the convicted felons you surround yourself with” how do you sleep at night are they stealing all your money?

  2. Mr Lying Larry Weinstein ,
    You finished your letter with saying your on a roll. Please ROLL yourself and the convicted felons back to Franklin Lakes.

  3. Mr. Wainstein

    I will keep this short and sweet. How is it possible to be so arrogant? You have your children enrolled in Franklin Lakes…PERIOD..IF you truly want to contend for the mayoral race, simply enroll them in the North Bergen school system. No excuses, there are plenty of viable options in this area. Until you do that, I cannot give you my support. I was once a supporter of yours but cannot get past the fact that you and your family do not even live in town.