LETTER: Wainstein has the support to fight Sacco’s North Bergen machine


In a letter to the editor, North Bergen residents Frank Agresta and Jonathan Moya say that Larry Wainstein has plenty of support to fight state Senator (D-32)/Mayor Nick Sacco’s political machine. 

Wainstein party

Dear Editor,

On Saturday evening, December 16, 2017, the North Bergen Concerned Citizens group hosted a Christmas party for Larry Wainstein and his supporters.

At this party, there were roughly 1,100 residents who attended throughout the evening. Many people came to celebrate the holidays, and also share their thoughts and concerns about the town we love so dearly.

This should be a clear message to the administration that a large number of the population in North Bergen are fed up with the corruption and lack of listening to the people they “allegedly” serve.

This has gone on long enough and the people are finally waking up to the corruption that is killing North Bergen since 1985.

A lot of people who attended the event complained about the corrupt political machine run by Nicholas Sacco. They are disappointed, scared and angry, so much, that a fire has been lit that the administration can not put out!

While hard working people in town sacrifice their blood, sweat, and tears to provide for their families, the administration sits backs and siphons millions off the backs of we, the taxpayers.

The people of our town know that their local government only serves a handful of criminals, so they have decided to take action.

At this event, I had met many wonderful people who share my thoughts and concerns for our town. It was wonderful seeing how many people attended and come together as one family, one voice, one town!

It was a pleasure to sit down and eat with Larry and his supporters. At the party, many supporters spoke, danced, ate and had a wonderful time. I was glad to be invited.

Lets keep in mind that this was all put together for a new and better North Bergen.

Frank Agresta Jr. and Jonathan Moya

North Bergen residents

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  1. This clown (Agresta) is a convict has a record in Passaic NJ for annoyaannce. He has a restraining order from his own sister in North Bergen NJ. They had a Christmas Party in Union City . Doesn’t lying Larry know where North Bergen is , oh that’s right he lives in Franklin Lakes .

  2. Here’s where things get silly . Use your real name . Don’t hide behind a keyboard and put up silly things you want to say . State facts and be a man.

  3. Actually I agree with the writers of the letter. Clearly the North Bergen school system is falling apart. You are a prime example. Not only is your spelling and grammar horrible (misspelling and extra spaces), you also don’t have a clue about geography. The event was in West New York, not Union City. You’re clueless about the law since state law forbids anybody who doesn’t live in the town they can’t run for Mayor. My 6th grader has better spelling skills and geography knowledge.

  4. Albert,
    You sound a little upset. Why would lying Larry hold an event in union city or west New York. He did that because he has no support in North Bergen. And a 6th grader know you have to live in town to run for office , so what grade is Lying Larry in ?
    Committing fraud is a crime . Buying a home in North Bergen doesn’t mean you live there.
    You sound like a lying Larry supporter . You knew where his event was. By the way so did I . I just wanted to see if a fool like you would state something like you did. Giving up to everyone on this comment where the event was. NOT IN NORTH BERGEN . Have a great day clown.

  5. Shouldn’t the Resident’s of our town of Hooboken choose their mayor? Not boss Sacco! I’ve heard about the corruption going on in North Bergen. PRETTY SAD.

  6. You heard? People make these ridiculous statements . Who did you hear that from people who don’t like North Bergen . That’s the only thing they can say .
    Let’s talk about positive things in North Bergen. Low taxes , great school system, low crime, the best recreation facilities for the children , and the best Mayor and Commisioners who live in town . Not like lying Larry.

  7. GEORGE,
    I would look into that.
    My question is why do you support that guy Sacco. I saw online he was the highest paid administrator in the State. I also saw online that North Bergen has one of the worse School systems.

    So why Sacco?