LETTER: Trump acted like a clown while Biden acted more like president on debate stage


In a letter to the editor, West New York resident Patrick Cullen says that President Donald Trump (R) acted like a clown, while Joe Biden was the one on the debate stage that had the decorum of a commander in chief.

Photo by Olivier Douliery/Pool via Reuters.

Dear Editor,

I have been watching Presidential Debates live since 1976 and it was in that year that I also had the opportunity to see a PBS rebroadcast of the 1960 Televised debate between Senator John Kennedy and Vice President Nixon.

This debate absolutely saw the most interruptions by both candidates – one much more so than the other – than any televised debates in U.S. History.

While Chris Wallace did try to reign in control of the debate, it was our President, Donald Trump, who brazenly bulldozed over over Chris Wallace and almost continuously uninterrupted former Vice President Biden.

It was apparent to this observer that Mr. Trump felt he could not win many issues that were raised, so he resorted to acting like an obnoxious bully.

He brought up Mr. Biden’s son Hunter Biden several times to deflect questions from Mr. Wallace that he chose not to answer, or to deflect from a point raised by Mr. Biden that he could not otherwise effectively counter. Did Mr. Trump score points? Yes.

But there is a caveat: most of the points he made were those that his most ardent supporters support him on.

He did not move the needle with most of the folks he will need the most: his most lukewarm supporters from 2016 as well as new supporters that he would desperately need to win reelection.

He looked the least presidential of any other candidate who has appeared at any of these Presidential Debates ever. Being Interruptor in Chief might be red meat to one’s base, but it is no way to win an election.

Mr. Biden showed empathy for Americans struggling in a Pandemic to deal with the Covid-19 deaths of their loved ones, for the plight of Americans struggling to make ends meet, for the millions of Americans in jeopardy of losing health care if Mr. Trump is successful in appointing Ms. Barrett to the Supreme Court because Mr. Trump wants to end the Affordable Health Care Act and Judge Barrett is on Record criticizing it.

In short, it was Mr. Biden who acted more like a President and Mr. Trump who acted more like a clown.

Patrick Cullen
West New York resident