LETTER: Team Murphy is the only real choice for New Jersey this November


In a letter to the editor, Jersey City resident Robert Knapp explains why Gov. Phil Murphy’s (D) team is the only real choice for New Jersey this November.

Dear Editor,

We, the voters in this great State of New Jersey are facing the most important and crucial General Election this Fall in our history.

When Governor Phil Murphy ran for this office in 2017 it was and continues to be his goal to make a difference in people’s lives from the most young to the most senior and this Governor has and continues each day to fulfill this goal.

First and foremost it must be remembered that in early March, 2020 our Governor was subject to a medical procedure in which he should have recovered at home for a period of time.

When the pandemic became increasingly serious, our Governor left his recovery and took over the reins with his strong team to take the necessary steps for the protection of all in New Jersey.

This writer has been involved for the past fifty three years in the area of human services and can attest through experience that no other governor has accomplished more in a short period of time than Governor Murphy.

I will cite the following that are on record but are not limited to the vast and far reaching attributes for all of the people and are not in any order of importance as all are extremely important.

Elevation of the minimum wage, tuition consideration in the community colleges for those who are unable to afford advanced education, concern for the climate with wind turbines, sensible and effective gun control for the protection of all, protection of women and miniorities from workplace discrimination, taxing those in our state earning more than one million dollars per year, efforts in the area of Pre-K education for all children, child care, food assistance for college students, financial assistance for needy families and individuals, aid to the disabled, health and wellness programs, inproved treatment for opiod abuse, protection of our much needed health care programs, “baby bond” nest eggs for children.

First Lady Tammy Murphy spearheads an effort, Nurture New Jersey to assist healthy mothers and healthy babies.

The opponent of our Governor would move our State into the last century and prior with his theories that children are not vulnerable to COVID19, remove all school vaccination requirements for diseases like mumps, measles, etc. and is campaigning on an agenda that would move New Jersey back in time.

Please join our fellow residents who in this must crucial General Election will march to the polling places, side by side, shoulder to shoulder and reelect Team Murphy.

God Bless America, God Bless the State of New Jersey.

Respectfully submitted,

Robert B. Knapp
Jersey City resident

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  1. Gov. Murphy is an elitist who has no understanding of the needs of the working public. He has raised taxes, tolls, killed the elderly in nursing homes, and generally failed his constituents. He cares more about illegals than the hard working citizens of this state. I wouldn’t vote for him under any circumstances.