LETTER: I support President Obama, I still don’t know if I’ll run in WNY


The following is a letter to the editor from outgoing District 7 Freeholder Chairman Jose Munoz:

Freeholder Jose Munoz

It finally happened and I support President Obama’s bold move in lifting the embargo to Cuba.

This is the peaceful, bloodless change that so many impoverished Cubans have been waiting for and equally important, it paves the way towards democracy.

There appears to be a great deal of discussion in West New York among those that are presently in political office and those that wish to be. The discussion revolves around whether or not I intend to run for Mayor of West New York in May 2015.

I am addressing this now because as time goes by, the existing misinformation that is already common will be even more malicious and totally untrue.

I am therefore asking of those that have supported me and to those that believe I stand for what you believe in which is a better West New York, free from political corruption and professionals running the town rather than the elected officials whom we have placed our trust, to be patient a little bit longer. I ask this because you deserve the best qualified and most caring representation.

I am truly humbled that Count Wiley and Chuckie Betancourt asked me to join with them in a slate of solidarity. I agree with the concept of solidarity and I greatly respect both gentlemen, but we differ on several important issues.

First, we are all running for a Commissioner’s seat not a Mayor’s seat. I as well as Mr. Betancourt, Dr. Wiley, and others have all been outspoken about the corruption in West New York and what Mayor Roque has done to degrade this town.

Think for a moment, if we never opposed this man, what would West New York have become? In any event, I believe that if I chose to run, every person on my slate would qualify for Mayor not just one person.

Second, I believe we should change the form of Government so the people can elect their own Mayor. Yes, this would require a referendum, but I believe the people should have the right to choose their top representative.

Undoubtedly, this would definitely upset all those that want control over the hiring and placement of employees, professionals, boards and commissions. I believe in allowing the people to make this important choice.

I also believe anyone would serve the residents of West New York better than our present Mayor Roque.

I would like to end by thanking so many of you for your phone calls, letters, and personal encouragement. If it were not for your overwhelming support, I may never have considered running for Commissioner of West New York. Thank you all!

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  1. I remember the days when Freeholder Munoz would campaign in West New York for the Republican Party! I understand that in order to be a successful politician in Hudson County you need to be a Democrat, but how is it possible to change your political beliefs and ideals so drastically. I guess when all you want to do is win, you change your beliefs to become more appealing to the constituents. Typical politician!!!!

  2. Hey, Lucy. You’re talking about Roque, aren’t you? He’s a Republican Christie supporter in Democrats’ clothing. He changed his party just so he could get elected mayor. Did you forget that he didn’t even support Menendez at first and then changed when he was pressured to do so? Then he named a school after Menendez to get his political support, like the hypocrite he is. Roque is the biggest phony around, besides being evil, vicious and corrupt.

  3. Hello Roquelied and Janimon….My dislike for Munoz does not mean I am a Roque supporter. I personally don’t know Roque but yes, you are right! I am fully aware that he was a Republican trying to act like Democrat, but I’m not sure what he is right now. I see how the Town has suffered under his leadership. I do not support Roque and would never vote for him! Munoz on the other hand has been in my parents apartment in the past and he speaks out of both sides of his mouth. I don’t trust him. He is “slimy” in my opinion. My problem arises on Election Day when I don’t have a candidate who I can support. Being a Republican in Hudson County doesn’t give you many options.