LETTER: Sgt. Henry Marrero is ‘unfit for public office,’ NB resident says


In a letter to the editor, a North Bergen resident says that Police Sgt. Henry Marrero is “unfit for public office” after watching Monday’s interview with Hudson County View. 

Henry Marrero

After recently reading and watching the interview of Sgt. Henry Marrero on your website, I was deeply troubled by his use of the phrase ‘Gestapo police force’ and felt it necessary to respond.

Clearly Mr. Marrero is not a man of history otherwise he would understand that invoking such a strong statement minimizes the millions of people who were murdered under the authoritarian rule of a Nazi-controlled Germany.

Nor does he seem to realize the sense of fear people of all races and creeds were forced to live under during this time and thus using it in the name of political rhetoric attempts to trivialize this dark period of history.

Furthermore, as a public servant his “whole entire life”, particularly as a member of the North Bergen police force, I find his statements belittling of the hard work and dedication the officers of North Bergen do every day to keep our streets and community safe day in and day out.

Finally, as a sergeant in the North Bergen police I find his statements at best convenient and at worst hypocritical as he should be in a position to effect change already and only now, when he wants to run for political office, are his eyes supposedly opened to the issues.

Clearly Mr. Marrero is not only someone unfit for public office, harboring a personal agenda, but also an individual the community should reconsider allowing to protect us.

Thomas Sessa
North Bergen

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  1. Dear Sir:
    Such an educated, articulated, and well written piece of an opnion, yet I’m appalled at the fact that while Enrique Marrero expressed the many major concerning issues North Bergen residents have to face on a daily basis; you Sir, where stuck on one adjetive of a word. That unfortunate history era is well known and not even worth mentioning the horrors as you described them. Surely, your arguement sounds more of political deflector(s) from the many grave issues mentioned in this interview. Not to mention, the very acts being committed by this administration that are harming our very residents and threatening the very democratic process by which many have perished in attempt to protect.

    Let’s look at the bigger picture…think outside the box; So, that we can move onto the real major issues mentioned in Enrique Marrero’s interview. Lastly, to say Enrique Marrero is unfit for office leads me to believe, you are happy and support whom is in office now; despite, the negative cloud hover them.

    Let Freedom Ring….

  2. Wow does John H. publish all letters sent to him ???…Well here is mine… Just come to WNY and witness the ” Gestapo Regime ” in full force with Silvio Acosta as the head of the Schutzstaffel…Now that’s a letter .

  3. As we all entitled to an opinion, I think this letter couldn’t be farther from the truth. How long has this guy lived in town? Henry’s lived here all his life! On payroll by chance? I mean Marrero brings out 5 valid and easy to prove issues and you have an issue with one word. There’s our biggest problem in North Bergen. No one focuses on the issues.