LETTER: Plea deal given to man who drove into Union City police shows incompetence


In a letter to the editor, former Union City Deputy Police Chief Joe Blaettler says the plea deal offered to a man who crashed his motorcycle into several Union City police officers last year shows that the prosecutor’s office has no respect for men and women in blue. 

Dear Editor,

The Leadership of the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office is completely incompetent.

This plea bargain sends a message to every criminal in Hudson County that it is okay to attempt to murder 3 police officers because the Hudson County Prosecutor’s office does not care about Blue Life’s.

The Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office Under Ester Suarez would rather prosecutor and harass people for hanging up political signs than actually carrying out justice.

All local police unions in Hudson County and the State PBA should issue a vote of no confidence in Suarez and the decision makers within the prosecutor’s office.

Joe Blaettler
East Coast Private Investigations President


Editor’s note: The Jersey Journal reported yesterday that Richard Suazo, 27, will receive two years probation after crashing his motorcycle into four Union City police officers on October 4th, 2017.

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