LETTER: Murphy must support the Liberty State Park Protection Act to keep Fireman away


In a letter to the editor, Friends of Liberty State Park President Sam Pesin says that Gov. Phil Murphy (D) must support the LSP Protection Act to keep Paul Fireman from trying to develop the Caven Park area of the open space.

Friends of Liberty State Park President Sam Pesin. Screenshot via YouTube.

Dear Editor,

It’s overdue for Gov. Murphy to publicly support the Liberty State Park Protection Act and for him to urge the Legislature to pass the act, and, in so doing, to end Paul Fireman’s land grab and truly protect LSP for future generations.

The governor has said that LSP is a treasure, but he must do more than praise LSP with words when his decisive action is needed to end the era of privatizer’s threats and ensure a peaceful, collaborative era for our sacred public land behind Lady Liberty.

To quote a song title, “The Devil’s Been Busy” this summer regarding multibillionaire Paul Fireman’s greedy plan to privatize LSP’s Caven Point Natural Area sanctuary for birds, urban students and other nature explorers for eye-candy golf holes for his multimillionaire Liberty Golf Club members.

Paul Fireman’s un-American and cynical campaign to again stop the LSP Protection Act with political donations and falsehoods — after 44 years of overwhelming opposition by tens of thousands of park supporters against privatization plans, no matter what revenue was promised — showed the depths to which this 1 percenter will sink.

The current “Coalition to Pass the LSP Protection Act” so far has 89 local, regional and statewide groups signed on.

As park advocate Daoud David Williams stated at the recent inspiring LSP rally:
“All roads lead to Fireman.”

Fireman’s corporate lobbyists, lawyer, phony front group and opportunistic
surrogates – in arrogantly casting aside the decades of the broad public consensus
for a free park – have engaged in a malicious campaign of “falsehoods for

A September 25th Jersey Journal story points out that he fake group’s executive director, Arnold Stovell, admitted who pulls its strings (the Fireman Foundation), after denying it all summer.

When the Protection Act is passed, the era of constant threats will be over, Caven Point will be preserved, and a public input process will be required for any proposed park-appropriate, small-scale commercial activities.

Then finally, Liberty State Park will fully realize its great vision as “America’s backyard” and our “urban backyard,” our priceless public and next to our harbor’s national shrines to our highest ideals of democracy.

Sam Pesin
Friends of Liberty State Park President


  1. We simply CANNOT give a migratory bird sanctuary and natural area away to a guy who will profit from it, operating a golf course that none of us can afford to play at!!!!

    Gov. Murphy, this is NOT in the public interest, your constituents!!