LETTER: Jersey City NAACP wants to know how blacks were impacted by city budget


In a letter to the editor, the leadership from the Jersey City NAACP is asking for the city to provide date on how many black employees were impacted by this year’s city budget.

Dear mayor and city council,

The Jersey City branch of the NAACP has received alarming calls indicating that blacks are
disproportionately targeted for adverse work actions like furloughs, title changes, layoffs, and program cuts.

To that end, we request the following information. Since the COVID 19 pandemic began:

1) How many Blacks have been laid off?
2) How many Blacks have been demoted?
3) How many Blacks have received a change in title?
4) How many Blacks have been terminated?

The Jersey City Branch of the NAACP wants to know what policy changes have been implemented since we raised our concerns about the lack of black businesses engaging in business with the city in 2015.

In late 2015, the council adopted Resolution #15.721, which adopted the Study Group’s recommendations and encouraged the Mayor to enact the recommendations.

Among the recommendations, were that the “mayor should mandate that City departments immediately begin tracking data related to employment of minorities and women and of any contracts they may have with minority or women-owned businesses.”

Five years after the adoption of the recommendations, the NAACP would like to assess the progress that has been made by blacks in city employment.

Specifically, we would like to know:

1) How many black owned businesses have won bids using BidSync since its adoption and today?
2) How many blacks hold managerial, supervisory, and executive roles in the Jersey City government?
3) How many blacks hold entry level positions?
4) What, if any, periodic reports have been provided to the Council on the progress of enacting the
Study Group’s 2015 recommendations?
5) How many black owned businesses have been assisted with certifications since the creation of the Office of
Diversity and Inclusion?

We would like to have an answer to these questions no later than Tuesday, August 25, 2020.


Rev. Nathaniel Legay, President
Rev. Mario Moody, First Vice President
Chris Gadsden, Chair of Political Action Committee
Barbara Camacho, Chair of Labor & Industry Committee