LETTER: It’s ’embarrassing and shameful’ how negative the O’Donnell team has been


In a letter to the editor, Bayonne resident John Milan Sebik says it’s “embarrassing and shameful” how negative Jason O’Donnell’s camp has been, particularly targeting someone who he believes has been acting as a surrogate for the team. 

John Milan Sebik taking a photo with Mayor Jimmy Davis. Facebook photo.

Dear Editor,

Everyone in Bayonne knows it’s election season and we all know how dirty the election
was last time around.

I really think it’s a shame that someone who actually backed an independent team last
election would follow through once again and want to bring Bayonne back to that stagnant,
bullying period in time for Bayonne.

Yes, I am talking about Peter Franco. Peter Franco was caught and exposed last election sending vulgar racist messages online.

It seems that Peter Franco is at it once again has shown that he has zero respect for any
Bayonne citizen by repeatedly attacking and bullying various supporters of Mayor Davis online and throughout the community.

Whether it be vulgar words or profanity or doctored photos.

This type of character and commitment of hatred and slander by a proud standing member
of the O’Donnell campaign support team is disgusting and should play zero part in our town
and/or the election for that matter.

One would think that the Slogan of the O’Donnell campaign should be words that MUST be held TRUTHFUL by all supporters but I guess the answer is NO, in this case. O’Donnell needs to address this behavior.

It is embarrassing and shameful that the O’Donnell campaign will probably deny any
affiliation with Franco. It is pretty obvious and everyone sees it and knows it, so why lie?

The lies and blatant character assassinations are seen daily in the weekly mailings and video propaganda from the campaign.

You wouldn’t think that a Mayoral Candidate, someone with 20 years of government experience would be SO NEGATIVE about the future of Bayonne.

But this is Hudson County Politics at its best.

The O’Donnell Campaign should apologize to the residents of Bayonne for lying through its teeth. They know Franco very well as he was in attendance at one of the campaign events.

Let’s talk about putting Bayonne First. Mayor Davis has been the only Mayor to take
and tackle the DEFICIT CAN and finally say no.

It’s bad enough that the O’Donnell campaign IS getting the majority of their funds from out of town but they also have no issue with receiving money from unknown sources, who supposedly have no affiliation with the campaign.

How is that putting Bayonne first? Does anyone really think anyone who has donated over $50,000 will not want something in return?

The writing is on the wall, something is rotten in Denmark when a campaign says on the
left side of their mouth they will fight for Bayonne taxpayers but on the right side take in the MAJORITY of their money from shady out of town sources.

According to the April 9, 2018 fundraising reports, the O’Donnell campaign took in  $47,675 from donations of $300 or more, where $7,143 or 15% came from Bayonne addresses.

The Davis Campaign took in $30,700 in the same type of donations and $15,964 or 52% came from Bayonne addresses.

Out of the $50,800 collected by O’Donnell only $500 came from Bayonne and another
almost $80,000 from another out of town donor: It’s a joke.

The O’Donnell Campaign has raised almost $200,000 with at least $150,000 or ¾ of his donations from OUT OF TOWN DONORS.


As anyone who was at the FOOD TRUCK FESTIVAL last Sat can see, Bayonne is BACK
and it was the biggest showing of residents in the last 20 years at an event!

Vote for the Team that has shown Progress and means Business. Vote the Davis Team.

John Milan Sebik
Bayonne resident