LETTER: Hudson County Democratic officials need to take a stance on toppling statues


In a letter to the editor, New Jersey State Republican Committeeman Joshua Sotomayor-Einstein says Hudson County Democratic officials need to take a stance on toppling statues of historical figures.

The Christopher Columbus statue in Hoboken’s Columbus Park. Photo via Flickr.

Dear Editor,

Even before I was elected by my fellow Hudson Republicans to be their New Jersey State Republican Committeeman I was out loud and proud defending the individual rights of all citizens and residents of our county.

From advocating for lower taxes to standing up so that we should remember those massacred at Katyn – I have advocated for the people.

From standing against eminent domain abuse, which you (the Democratic powers that be) use to displace and replace residents, to fighting against your war on cars and parking (which disproportionately impacts and further displaces the working class by raising their cost of living); standing up for Hudson County’s elementary school children against the in-your-face sexualization that is being passed off as sex-ed/tolerance education, to calling out anti-Semitism in the Jersey City Board of Education, literal gay-bashing, more – I have stood up for the people even when doing so has been allegedly unpopular.

Now it is your turn to take a stand. Either you are with the mob who are rewriting history and who want to topple statues of founding fathers such as George Washington; warriors for freedom such as President Abraham Lincoln and General Ulysses S. Grant; and important historical figures such as famed Italian navigator Christopher Columbus, or you stand with the people on the side of history and our great nation.

This is not about Confederate statues or the Civil War that too many people in the South incorrectly believe to be over states’ rights.

This is about the shared American history, our national story, that up until oh so few short weeks ago we all, Republican and Democrat, celebrated together.

Now a violent mob has scared the public, the voters, and all those you claim to serve. Will you stand up for them? Will you hide under your taxpayer-paid-for-desks or will you say no to erasing our shared American history?

The public wants to know.


Joshua Sotomayor Einstein
NJ GOP State Committeeman representing Hudson County


  1. Ironic but not surprising that a conservative would complain about “erasing our shared history” while erasing our shared history.

    Pretending you don’t know the objections to slave owner statuary or the brutal and ultimately genocidal colonization of indigenous lands is pretty much par for the course. You’d have us focus on the tactics of those who object instead of why they object as though one obliterates the other.

    But inasmuch as you begin with 3 paragraphs of self-promotion before getting to the matter at hand, the disingenuousness was to be expected. Why don’t you talk to your hero president Trump about renaming Fort Bragg? Then again, he shares your belief that the name is part of our “shared history.” Racist history, but shared.

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