LETTER: Hoboken’s Nason swipes at Bhalla, endorses GOP council slate


In a letter to the editor, Hoboken mayoral candidate Karen Nason took a swipe at Councilman-at-Large Ravi Bhalla, one of her opponents, and endorsed three fellow Republicans for council.

Photo courtesy of Hobokenhorse.com
Photo courtesy of Hobokenhorse.com

Dear Editor,

With all the campaign garbage so many put out, election season seems never ending. That’s why, as the only loud and proud Republican Mayoral candidate, I have refrained from wasting your time with empty adverts and nonsense promises.

I have stuck to real issues – from creating a pro-small-business climate that will fill up empty storefronts, ending the tax/bond and spend philosophy coming from City Hall, ceasing the social engineering that is the anti-car crusade and bike lane obsession, fighting the cost of life increases those in City Hall inexplicably love to create when they negotiate bad contracts like the Suez deal, and more.

As a small business entrepreneur and singer, I have always had friends across the political spectrum.

Today I’m writing you, my fellow Republican, because of our shared values.

For too long we have seen the regressive Zimmerites negotiate bad contracts that raise our cost of living, prioritize bikes over parking, abuse eminent domain to build a southwest park (between some of the most unsafe intersections in the City), build benches for the growing number of beggars, and promote more big government bad ideas.

In short, we have seen the social engineering our party and values are against because we believe in individual freedom, personal property rights, and the duty of government to get out of our lives and refrain from making living more expensive.

Every other mayoral campaign includes and/or praises Zimmerites – I am the only candidate who doesn’t want to double down on the mistakes of the past.

While many office seekers would advise you only to vote for those who have aligned with them, I’m not like other candidates. I’m recommending Republicans vote for Joshua Einstein, Angelo Valente, and Michael Flett for City Council.

Each one of these candidates is a Republican who has supported our values and contributed to growing the party.

Einstein is a grass roots party activist who was recently elected to the Republican State Committee, a policy writer who brings clarity and common sense to the opinion pages, and has stood up for our values loudly and proudly.

Valente, a longtime Republican leader in Hoboken, was elected to the City Council in the early 1980’s, served as the youngest City Council member at age 23, and once ran for NJ State Assembly on our GOP ticket for District 33.

Flett has contributed to the success of the GOP by putting his money where his mouth is – he has donated to both Senator Rand Paul and President Donald Trump.

In the coming weeks, the cacophony of campaign mailers, calls, and door knocking will increase but despite the special interest politics and spending programs my mayoral competitors are all offering, the facts will remain the same.

I was the first to declare my run – even before Mayor Zimmer announced her departure from Hoboken politics.

I am the only mayoral candidate unafraid to run as a Republican, the only one hasn’t endorsed a former member of the Zimmerite coalition, and the only one who has correctly identified the issues.

Our City has a government that is too large and intrusive, that is detached from the needs of the people, and that makes life more difficult and more expensive for residents.

On November 7, vote Karen Nason 1-H for Mayor, and Joshua Einstein 1-I, Angelo Valente 3-I, and Michael Flett 5-I for City Council.

Karen Nason
Email: nasonformayor@gmail.com
Website: NasonforMayor.com
Facebook: Karen Nason nasonformayor

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  1. Remember when Bhalla was Bonkers for Republicans and Christie?
    Anything to elevate his career is quite alright for Ravi

    It’s funny that if Jen, Defusco or Romano said it, a certain 24/7 Bhalla media attack dog would be screaming so loud causing car alarms to go off and dog’s ears to ring for days

    Bonkers for Bhalla isn’t gonna like this
    It’s going to really “deflate” the shadow’s alter ego

    • There’s a remedy for that. Just do one of your juvenile photoshops depicting people you don’t like as inflatable sex toys. I hear the NHSA Chairman was not impressed with your handiwork. Neither were Dem Committee members. Maybe there’s a place where that is socially acceptable. Have you tried the moon?

      • The NHSA Chairman? Really, the one Zimmer was threatening to put on the hook for 5 million after she botched the acquisition of the land at 11th street?
        A Mayor not knowing the land she needed for Das Pump was not owned by the city when she asked the NHSA to handle her chronic “E.D.” problems is pretty appalling.

        Luckily there’s a cure to Zimmer’s E.D. – Get a Rx for Zimmer E.D. Giarga! from The Makers of Jen Giatinno!
        Cures Zimmer E.D. in less time than her public notices

        “We are going to Bump you Out!”

        ** not to be used with blow up dolls or other prosthetic toys or shadow shaped body pillows

  2. I was really disappointed when we received this mailer last week it’s so divisive.
    This post will be a good dinner table discussion with our kids tonight.
    You see, I’m a Native of Brazil who is also black, my wife a 1st generation Filipino- American who was raised in downtown Jersey City right on Manila Avenue and 7th Street. Our beautiful children have had to deal with racism many times- but not in Hoboken, here our kids walk over to the BowTie Cinema at night, go to Benny Tudino’s pizza on a Saturday night without any incident. The town is amazing, they have friends from all backgrounds with parents from various types of unions.
    Our Son just served as usher and our daughter played the piano at the wedding of our neighbors same gender wedding right here on the waterfront.
    It was 2010 and 2 years into Obama’s term when we rented our 1st apt in a Carriage House on Hudson St. We faced zero discrimination. Zero awkward questions. Zero denials and Zero odd stares – our landlord would baby sit for our daughter and called them her family- she still comes over with basil from the yard.

    To my point, we were 1000% Bernie supporters and devastated at the convention results, but still we voted for Hillary, nobody is more ill or threatened by Trump’s hate than a family like ours ( and I’m sure like Ravi and many others we are a worried)
    We always vote so over the past month, we made it our business to learn about all of the 4 major candidates and including Bhalla- and after this article above and the fundraiser Karen Nason having for PR we are going to make it our business to meet her in person. We also want to go see Giatinno, Romano and DeFusco again.
    I will NOT be going back to speak to Mr. Bhalla ( despite the fact that my wife sort of liked Emily Jabbour when they met at the 9th street light rail ) the reason is that after I saw this hyper targeted mailer -which we believe he mailed to us based on our obvious ethnic last names we feel used, exploited and honestly got the impression they think we don’t see through this thinly veiled baiting.
    Especially since our friends with “ non- ethnic” surnames did not get this letter.

    I’ve been a citizen for 15 years and never voted for a Republican, so despite Giattino and Nason both being members of that party and Hoboken is after all a nonpartisan district- we’ll go and learn about the R’s in this election’s social positions- then we will make a decision.

    Thank you for listening to a first-person account

    “Feeling Used”

    • Feeling used is phony. A big phony. Not a real person. I am. I moved to Hoboken 30 years ago. Raised a family here. This mayor is the best I’ve seen. She did a great job during Sandy and she saved the hospital. She’s honest too not like the other bums. She picked Bhalla not the others. I wasn’t sure about giantino or bhala or deficus. The mailer convinced me to vote for bhala because he cares about civil rights. Deficus and giattino don’t seem too on the ball either. Giattino hardly speaks. Dificus looks like a crook. No thanks!!! Hoboken has seen too many crooks!!!

    • Well said “Feeling Used.” My family who are Democrats feel exactly as you eloquently expressed here.

      We’ve met most of the candidates and feel Jen Giattino is the best overall who will take care of the issues big and small, especially the development tangle.

      My wife was thinking about voting for Ravi Bhalla because he was endorsed by Mayor Zimmer but now she’s joining me. Ravi should be ashamed of himself!

    • Roman got played big time by Tony = “Feeling Used” He does this thing with caps mid sentence. that’s sleazy Tony balogna for you. Take a look at Propeller on MSV telling Roman how many Brazilians live in Hoboken! Roman is eating it up!!!!! Horse is a suckerrrrrrrr

  3. FeelTargeted – You feel targeted because of your last name? Hyper-targeted even? This is no different when Hispanics receive direct mail in Spanish because their last name is Lopez. It is called personalized marketing. As you are appear sensitive to this tactic, please clear your browser cookies so you are targeted with less relevant ads.

    • Looks like the Hoboken resident made a big splash. The comment now appears at MSV on Hobokenhorse.com.

      The Bhalla people are already spitting mad calling the native of Brazil a liar.
      That should work out well for them.

      • I think the poster here is calling you a liar, not the mysterious poster who oddly decided to express his outage in the comments section of a site where nobody posts except operatives and fruitcakes. Or in your case an operative and a fruitcake.

        • Nobody posts here?
          I guess the ZimBhalla cyber bullies like Spouseborgland and the Hoboken Ex-Patriots who all left the state after screwing up the HHA and Waterfronts and don’t forget the deranged recluse bhalladyte

        • So @Horsecrap which are you?
          Are you an operative or a Fruitcake ( another homophobic comment from team bhalla?)
          “nobody posts except operatives and fruitcakes”

  4. Roman is Afro Brazilian? Better than all those Jewish names he posted under on Yom Kipper. Horsecrap site is a toxic waste dump for fruitcakes and operatives.

    • Nancy, why so angry? You still have your toxic dump website to lash out attacking anyone breathing who won’t endorse Ravi Bhalla. Your neighbors all think your swell except they prefer you leave them alone.

      Was Ravi worth it to utterly lose any semblance of respectability? Sad.

  5. Why does Nancy give free passes to Nasons attacks on Ravi Bhalla?
    Nancy Pincus aka Turd Princess
    Seems to leave Nason alone because she thinks Nason will hurt Mike DeFusco and Jen Giatinno
    Her poorly executed photoshop “ art” certainly raises eyebrows … especially the 24/7 attack on a Gay candidate as well as a Mother of 3
    Imagine if someone put Horns on Dawn Zimmer and in a bath of fire Or horns coming through Bhalla’s turban a sacred garment
    Nancy Pincus is certainly dancing on the edge, she’s also crossing the line
    Wonder if Garden State Equality has seen her vicious depictions

  6. Wow, it’s been a long time. So interesting to see Roman and Nancy eating each other alive, but definitely not surprising. This is who they’ve always been. if anyone ever disagreed with them or even just questioned anything, they turned on you with malicious attacks, followed by 7 lonely commenters. You were immediately labeled an “operative”. Thanks for the show guys, keep it up.

    • MSV doesn’t do permit personal attacks as that’s against the rules. Stopped here seeking to learn more on the Brazilian family not to get into silly poo flinging.

      Well zimmerlover, you had a good time on MSV commenting with and without tequila. You were not attacked but you may have seen a few arguments demolished.

      That’s how MSV has always rolled. Can’t speak to the unfortunate degeneration at Sybil’s Cave. Many feel bad to see it. Sad.

  7. People, the City of Hoboken has serious issue confronting it. Let’s deal with the various candidates and the issues. Neither GA nor MSV are on the ballot and ,frankly, I don’t care that they don’t like each other. Nobody in their right minds will cast their vote based on the opinions of some bloggers, so lets get back to the candidates and the issues.

  8. Everyone knows Clown Car Karen is a puppet put out there by Romano to hurt Jen and Ravi
    Her crazy BS and crying for running a neighborhood noise maker and desire to turn Hoboken into a vomit crazed , party boy town for her bar owner backer.